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Joel Casebeer | GruntsbaneHalo Babies Artist | Joel Casebeer { }

Joel Casebeer (aka "Gruntsbane") has lived in Lynnwood, Washington all his life and spent most of that time drawing and playing video games. He first heard of Bungie sometime after the Halo announcement trailer in 1999. Since then, he has become a die-hard Bungie fan, playing Myth, Oni, and Halo.

In 2002 Halo Babies came and went as an April fools joke on Bungie.net that many fans wished was true. In March of 2003,Dogsounds (HBO) created a Halo Babies art challenge - Joel was the only entrant. He submitted two comics that were well received by the Halo community. After that, it seemed that the legend of Halo Babies would slowly fade back to obscurity.

Matt Dunn | mrsmileySite Concept and Upkeep | Matt Dunn { }

One day, Matt Dunn (aka "mrsmiley") happened to come across the comic as he was browsing Halo.Bungie.Org. Impressed by Joel's obvious skill at drawing, Matt proposed that he would create a website if Joel would create new comics as well as extra content for members of his B.net chapter, MSXL. About 3 months later, Halo Babies was released to the world with a 1 day hit count of almost 1,000 people.

Site Design | James Wheare { }

A few months later, Matt ran into James "Gholsbane" Wheare on B.net, and was greatly humbled by his vast knowledge of web design. After some communication, James agreed to take on the challenge of creating an entirely new Halo Babies website from scratch. Only a month later, James had created the blueprints for the site that you are viewing today.

It took months of fine tuning, and working out problems, but the site has been launched, and we are very proud of it. I cannot thank Gholsbane enough for all the work he has put into this site. Sure, I am working hard as well, but there is no way I could have pulled off the type of quality that this site radiates on my own. HaloBabies.net was built off of the generous donations of fans, both in money and in time, and we are forever greatful!