A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!

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Comic Tutorial

Gruntsbane shows you the step-by-step process of making a Halo Babies comic. Included are plenty of pictures, explainations, and even a couple .psd files for you to check out!

Gruntsbane's Guide to Making a Comic


Joel "Gruntsbane" Casebeer's Demo Reel

As many of you know, Joel "Gruntsbane" Casebeer, aka Halo Babies artist, just recently posted his online resume. In this he has several pictures from a CGI film that him and many other artists are working on. In his "demo reel", we get a sneak peek at a couple scenes from that, as well as some other artwork in video form!

NOTE: Because this is a professional demo reel, there is no sound.

Quicktime | 10.3MB (Thanks, HBO!)

Windows Media | 10.9MB

Chief Inked

At this year's Bungie Fanest (2004), Lorraine McLees (Halo Babies original artist) raffled away a few pieces of art that she drew right on the spot! This video shows her drawing the Chief in the Halo 2 box cover pose. It has been sped up quite significantly to show her amazing artistic talent!

17.8 MB { MPEG | WinRAR }


To coincide with the launch of the new website on Friday February 20th, 2004, we released the first ever Halo Babies animated short. Here, in all it's glory, is Gruntsbane's work:

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