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The Return of the Halo Babies | mrsmiley { December 22, 2003 }

I am sure that many of you experienced failed attempts to visit this site during the past week. This was due to the fact that HBN used all of it's allotted monthly bandwidth in less that three weeks. Halo Babies is a growing site, both physically and in popularity, and it is time for a change! For the past several months, I have been working with my good friend Gholsbane (B.net) to develop a new Halo Babies web site. This site is almost finished, and I believe is much more user-friendly and professional than this site is.

There is a catch, however. Moving to a new server costs money! This is where you, the die-hard Halo fan, comes in. You will notice on the left side of every page us now a PayPal donate button, along with an aptly named "Fund Meter". The meter shows how close we are to reaching our small financial goal, and ultimately to opening the new site! For more information on how to help us out, please visit the donations page! Thank you for your patience and support, and happy holidays from HaloBabies.net!