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Halo Babies 7.0 | mrsmiley { February 20, 2004 }

"What happened to the other 5 versions?"

Today marks a huge day for the Halo Babies community. The launch of a brand spankin' new, buttered, bacon-wrapped, and deep-fried web site! (With extra mayonnaise!) In fact, I believe that this site is so much of an improvement over the last one, that I am making it version "7.0"! ;P This site has been in the building process for almost a year now, and we are very proud to finally show off all our hard work! My highest and most heartfelt thanks go to James Wheare (a.k.a. ), who designed and wrote the code for this website - completely from scratch. James, Joel, and I worked very closely together in trying to make this site as user-friendly, and as cool as possible!

So what is new about this site? The following is a list of some of the major site changes/additions, as well as the new content updates.

  • 5 new sketches have been added, including three from the new Halo Babies theme that is soon to be released on the Seventh Column!
  • 2 new fan art pictures have been posted. If you have any Halo Babies fan art, be sure to it to me pronto!
  • There are a bunch of updates to new misc section:
    • The first ever Halo Babies animated short, "Tink"!
    • A new 120x40 banner for the new site. (Simple and classy!)
    • 4 new avatars.
    • "Running master chief" AIM icon now works. =)
    • Mac icon tutorial is online. The PC tutorial, however, is being made.
  • A completely new PHP forum has been built! The new interface is years ahead of the old forum, providing for much more customization, and no more pop-ups!
  • The heritage section has been added. This features a full bio on the creator of Halo Babies, Lorraine McLees! Aside from her own personal background story, this section features original artwork, and info from the famed April Fools joke that fooled so many fans!
  • Gholsbane has been added to our contact and about sections.
  • Our about section has been updated to include information on the background story of this new site!
  • Dreamhost (our webhost) has been added to our affiliates.
  • Our new news archive makes it easy to browse through old posts if you haven't been here in a while. (Shame on you! =P)
  • The donation section has been changed to include the figures for the new site. I am planning on adding something to show our financial status soon. On a side note, sponsors of this site will be rewarded with some need stuff, soon to be offered in our forum! ;)
  • Viewers can now leave comments on all of our comics and specific news posts, so speak you mind! Constructive criticism is welcomed.
  • Finally, you will notice that there is no longer a "members only" section. All the content we have is now open to the public, aside from what is posted in the "sponsors" section of the forum!

More than ever, your friends on the Halo Babies team will be dedicated to showing our fans a good time. Already, there are several contests in the works, as well as some exciting new developments in the Halo Babies universe. Although new comics will continue to be released on Fridays, I plan on releasing new content on other days as well. I hope this will encourage all our fans to swing by the site often, check for new stuff, and get posting in our forum! We always appreciate your feedback on anything concerning this site or Halo Babies. Our contact information has been provided for this very reason. I think that is all! Enjoy the new site, it is our gift to you.


The Halo Babies Team

P.S. The new comics will start next week! =)

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1 | Jen says:

I would like to find out why I have been banned from Halo Babies when I have never been a member. I try to register and sign up and it says I've been banned. I've never even been to your site before lol.

This is the only way I can find to reach someone about this problem since you don't have email addresses on here to email about issues.

Hope to hear from you soon,

2 | mrsmiley says:

We are looking into it. Standby.

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