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Spoiled Sponsors *Contest* | mrsmiley { February 24, 2004 }

If you don't already know, this new site was built entirely off money that was provided by a generous group of fans a few months back. To show our appreciation of those who have donated, a special section for sponsors has been created in our brand new forum!

This section currently features a weekly pre-release of the newest comic, discussion for a possible Halo Babies e-mail address feature, opportunity for input on future Halo Babies plans, and the reason for this new post: a sponsor's only contest!

First off, thanks to all those who have donated to Halo Babies! Your money is really appreciated, as this site isn't exactly cheap to maintain! As a way to say thank you, we are offering a kick ass contest to anyone who donates $10 or more to us in the next 2 months. Here are the official rules.

How do I enter?
Simply donate $10 or more to HaloBabies.net! When you do, you will be automatically entered in the contest, and you will have unlimited access to the sponsor's section of the forums!

How will the winner be determined?
I will pick a completely random winner. Most likely through the "pull-a-name-out-of-a-bucket" method.

What will the prize be?
Here's the kick ass part! The winner will get to have themself drawn into an upcoming Halo Babies comic! Not only will your comic be released on the site as a normal addition, you will recieve a framed copy of your comic for your own personal bragging rights!

How long will the contest last?
Until the end of April, 2004. In other words, people have 2 months to become a sponsor and be entered in to win!

Just to clarify, I am not doing this to get some extra cash for myself, or anyone anyone else. Our Halo Babies donation fund is currently running a bit low, and in order to keep the site going, we need more sponsors! Think of this as a HBN pledge drive of sorts. ;) Thanks to all who will help us out!