A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!



New Desktop! | mrsmiley { April 23, 2004 }

Just when you think we have given up on anything new in this area, Blam! Gruntsbane slams you with an incredible Halo 2 wallpaper! Check it out, and leave your feedback!

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1 | eek says:

wow. thats awesome.

2 | a dude that loves halo says:

dude whoever the heck made this make more ive already set it as my wallpaper. OH make one of an Elite!

3 | mrsmiley says:

What do you mean, "Whoever the heck made this"?!? Joel Casebeer (Gruntsbane) makes every official piece of art on this site! =)

4 | stosh says:

Totally awesome. AMAZING FIREY STUFF. And the master chief and his marines look awesome. Only thing I don't like is that line going around the whole thing.

5 | MC0096 says:

... THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! I'm gonna print it and post all over my school... YAY!!!1

6 | Halo fan...natic says:

three words: best thing ever
that is AWESOME.
i give it a 98%. only 98% because of the line thing going around it.

7 | havoc737903 says:

For some reason, I didn't like it. It looked kinda blury and that made me change it after I set it as wall paper. I couldnt stand looking at it cuz everything looked like it was in motion, and was trying to fly outta the picture.

8 | Richard Hitchcock AKA .F.G.N. says:

I am speachless....Ther grate!!!!!!

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