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An Artistic Grab-Bag | mrsmiley { April 26, 2004 }

That's what today's art update is; a bunch of random stuff! First off, we have 2 new fanart pictures, including an official buttsock box by Murph MacManus, and a strip-edit by Menace!

In continuance with our support of any aspiring fan artists out there, we have released two more strip backgrounds.

Finally, due to much criticism, (ok, mainly due to stosh, but I didn't want to mention him on the main pa- CRAP!) Gruntsbane has removed the line border surrounding his latest desktop, titled, "Blam!" Now you don't have to painfully move all your icons over a half inch to keep from going crazy! =D

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1 | stosh says:

I am honored. I'm going to have to take a screenshot of this news story for my scrapbook.

2 | billy says:

this is fun

3 | stephen says:

this is as gay as gula

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