A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!



Call 911! | mrsmiley { May 10, 2004 }

We're having an art attack! ... Ok, that was definitly a groaner, but this new art isn't! First off, we have 4 new full-color character drawings from Gruntsbane! We have something cool in store for these, so stay tuned... ;) Also, some guy named Barry sent me an awesome "Babyfied" picture of the Master Chief. I think this is one of the best pieces of Halo Babies fanart we've received! Check it out!

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1 | Mista_B says:

Man, Cortana looks soooo badass in this one.

Ooh, and first shotgun appearance, w00t!

2 | Lil pony says:

nice drawings, but mr smiley why are you so gay

3 | Gruntsbane says:

Nice comment, jackass.

4 | i agree says:

lol i went up do this dude and he said man one time i was in school then i came home then i said weeeeee i then my dad... or my mum said weee and i said what the hell is wrong with this lobbster and then i was at the park playing eating my breakfast and my mom said cmon mikey time to go to bed the i went to the park

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