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Halo 2 | mrsmiley { May 11, 2004 }

Stop whatever you are doing. The Halo 2 flood has arrived! Check. It. Out. November 9th, here we come!

UPDATEIf you guys are having trouble finding the full version of the demo for free, check out Halo.Bungie.Org for a bunch of mirrors!

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1 | Marine Force says:

That is frikin AWSOME!

YAY first comment!

2 | Menace says:

I actually cried

3 | Mister Chief says:

Halo 2 will rock our lives for the next 5 years!
YAY Third comment!

4 | Xerro says:

This is going to be AWESOME! Do you really get to put little logos on your armour, cos i wanna put kick me on the back of mine.

5 | ryan says:

i think i got a hard-on

6 | Matt says:

i was crying like a little girl while watching this

7 | Jarrett says:

Crap stupid mac i cant see it...cant wait til next period :D

8 | Mike says:

AUGH! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! (Jarrett good luck on the damn school comps :-P) wheres the second part where they show the warthog and stufF?!?!?!?! I MUST KNOW

9 | KRACKA says:

Halo 2 looks more amazing then I could have ever imagined. Bungie has really out done themselves this time. This game is definately worth the wait!

10 | haloelite says:

I must be dreaming

11 | Necromas says:

OMFG I can't believe my eyes. but why does the video cut off like that?

12 | Sad california boy says:

Man this stinks i saw the video and saw how awesome halo 2 is going to be.It stinks cause I DONT HAVE AN XBOX!!!i hav a gamecube though and a pc. . . . .Hey i wonder when and if halo-2 is coming out on pc?

13 | Xboxwanting freakazoid says:

Hey mike I think you have to subscribe in IGN in order to see the rest

14 | akba says:

Man I want to see the 8 minute multiplayer video, too bad you have to be a IGN subscriber...

15 | mc master says:

its beautiful i can notwait for the game this fall ill like sleepover at thestore to wait 4 it

16 | warthog freak says:

holly shit the plasma swords the 2 weapons the ghosts and elites and last but best THE WARTHOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 | hamsterkiller says:


18 | Silentwind says:

I can sum up what I was doing whilst reading those articles and looking at the new screenies....*drool*

19 | Xerro says:

My friend actually had the balls to tell me it looks crap! Well he's now lying in a pool of his own blood. hehheehehehahahaaMWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

20 | Halo fan...natic says:

THIS IS AWESOME!!! there's another website called halo2.owns.it that has the full presentation and... nevermind it's just a link to teambox.com or whatever it's called. at least the resolution is better here than at team whatever.

21 | Army of One and Kev says:

I love this movie! It's kick @$$! When you guys get more video footage, please show us! This will be bigger than pac-man when it first came out!

22 | Guzler says:

This game was mean until my sister snapd it in half

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