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Take it to the Forum! | mrsmiley { May 24, 2004 }

Ok guys, here's the deal. When we opened this site, we thought that providing a comment section for the comics would be a good idea. We may have been wrong. It seems that no one reads the text above every posting page that explaines the rules of commenting. If spamming of this section continues, I will deactivate comments for good. Here are the rules for commenting:

Do no comment more than once. From now on, I will delete every comment that a person makes after his first. I won't even read them.

Do not impersonate other members. I have already banned 2 people for this immediatly, and it will not be tolerated.

The comment section is not a forum; don't comment on other people's comments! It is for the comic.

Do not spam. (Plain and simple.)

Anyone who does not follow these rules will be warned, then banned. (Or banned immediatly depending on the offense.) If people continue to act like idiots in the comments, they will go alltogether. I appreciate those who do follow the rules, but there are too many who don't. Thanks.