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It's All Official | mrsmiley { May 28, 2004 }

I am sure some of you have noticed the lack of "non-comic" content as of late. Obviously Gruntsbane and I were busy with E3 and other things, so we have an excuse... but who cares? We have decided to make it up to you anyways! Gruntsbane has whipped out 2 new desktops, along with 2 corresponding avatars! And oh... what the hell, why not throw in a cute grunty avatar while we're at it?

P.S. If you thought those were cool, prepare to be blown away next week! ;P

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1 | Mista_B says:


*is awesomed*

2 | haloelite says:


3 | AngryMouse14 says:

*gets owned by the new desktops*

graet job guys =)

4 | kev says:

I love the grunty avitars. They always crack me up!

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