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So Simple. So Cool. | mrsmiley { June 11, 2004 }

A few weeks ago, a member by the name of yayap sent me three roughly made desktops using the Bungie logo from the Halo intro and some of Gruntsbane's more recent Halo Babies art. After a bit of critical input from myself, and a bit of artistic talent from Gruntsbane, they have turned out alright! They are very simple, but still good - for those with a bit less of a "wild side." (Please note that the highest resolution sent to me was 1024x768. However, due to their simple design, they still look good stretched at higher resolutions. )

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1 | jim says:

i don't see why posting the first reply is so cool...

2 | yayap says:

i'm on the frontpage! i got mentioned on hbo too!

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