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Woah! The MC takes it off... | mrsmiley { July 12, 2004 }

No, not like that you sicko! One of HBN's best original fan artist, Sparkie, has graced us with two new pictures today. Both are great, but the first one absolutely blew me away. It is the first pic I have ever seen that attempts a depiction of the Master Chief out of his helmet. A very stunning piece of work in my opinion! Check that and Sparkie's other pic out in our fanart section! (High and low-res versions available!)

[UPDATE] There actually are two other pieces of fanart featuring a helmet-less MC that were drawn in 2002. Thanks, Wu! =)

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1 | Whasent_Me says:

Man that is a realy crapy blamy piece of -blam-(sh*t)! how old are you 4? 3? cause that thingy sucks! you're realy good actualy...as good as a trained chicken! go home you're wasting youre time! ;) ....

2 | MordorianNazgul says:

I agree with you, mrsmiley. A stunning piece of work. Sparkie's work is awesome; very clean, and very in-style. Anyone that can do good fanart earns points with me, and he just earned a lot.

3 | unhappy nigga says:

WTF who ever said mc was white???!?!? all yo ppl are racists

4 | Dark Elf_27 says:

The halo books say the master chief is white.

5 | Assblaster says:

not the book, he just sounds white, lol. I guess he sounds a little black.

6 | mrsmiley says:

MC is white according to the Halo books. And Sparkie is a girl, by the way! =)

7 | Hunter201 says:

see i havent beaten the game on legendary and i want to know if thats what he looks like?

8 | Gruntish elite says:

*Sigh* Anyone got a bandage for that BURN? LOL...thanks for the comments, I always wondered if there was a way to leave comments on the fanart, some of the other stuff out there rocks...

Sparkie the (female) Flea

9 | InSaNe1024 says:

The Master Chief does take his helmet off at the end of the game no matter what difficulty but the Longsword blocks the view.

If MC was a black guy he would sound a little more like Sgt. Johnson, who IMO, is the biggest badass in the entire history of video games. Even more so than MC himself.

I don't think that we'll get to see what he looks like in Halo 2, either. It was the same way for Marathon. It's better that way. If they put a face on him people might think he's ugly or something. And we don't want that do we?

10 | Gruntsbane says:

What's ironic is I made one of those pics Wu was talking about, just using a different name. Try and guess which one ;)

11 | Akba says:

The second link, I already knew that actually. You said it on the forum about 2 weeks ago :p

12 | Church says:

It seems to me that MC would have a little less hair since in the game he is in his late forties and probably would have just shaved most of his hair off like a normal marine. Also he looks a little to young to be the current MC, although that might have been the artists intentions to make a young MC. If any one knows, pls post something about why he looks so young.

13 | anonamus says:

MC dosen't have blonde hair he has red hair?!!?!?!?
if anyone has read it it is in the Fall of reach book?!?!?!?!

14 | me says:

You dont see his face because the creator want's you to imagine the master cheif as you would like him to be viwed, and plus he's half robot his age and hair style are irrelevant.

15 | Church says:

I think someone should make a halo wallpaper reminiscient of the first star wars movie poster. That would totally kick ass!

16 | Rolo says:

I would think he has brown hair.

17 | bolo says:

i agree with Rolo

18 | Yayap and Zuka says:

the weird thing is that if the whole Halo thing really would happen in the future MC could be ur great great great great great great grandson... hey its possible (if the whole halo story were real) ITS WEIRD!!

19 | killthemonitor says:

i think he would have brown hair personaly but i know he has red. and he dose look younge, esspecaly for a man who has alot to worry about(more of a weathered face) but hell its the best so far caz no one else made any pics so good job

20 | TO NIGGA says:


21 | TheGRUNT1000 says:

I really like it My dad likes it too (hes played the whole game .....A LOT!!!) we jut finished two betrayals... anyways do more drawings and keep up the good work! all your pics are great!

22 | MC Elite says:

Excellent drawing with a nice anime twist on the chief. As for your NOOB comment, the fact that you cannot spell "anonymous" correctly is testament to the annoying tw@t you are. Sparkie, excellent work. (And for the record, I recall that the chief had brown hair in fall of reach when Keyes was watching him play.) Brilliant drawing, keep up the good work!

23 | Element says:

Ok I'll Pretend the n00bs arn't here. To Sparkie, Very Nice job.

P.S. It is Brown Hair BTW.

24 | ChwyChwbaca says:

to all the noobs who think the mc has brown hair, the mc has red hair according to the halo books (the only books i ever want to read)

25 | Pie says:

What do you mean? Masterchief has brown hair.It said in the fal of reach.

26 | billy hates u says:

i thought masterchief has freckles. thats just me.

27 | me!! says:

hey just read the fall of reach and that give u a pretty good description even though thats not what i pictured him as. just read the book any ways its awsome...:-)

28 | i love master chief ;-) says:

i think master chief wold look stupid if he had freckles and red hair thats retarded he should have brown hairor black...ALL his teeth instead of what the book says...anduhh...idk just not freckles and red hair that looks stupid

29 | SPARTAN-117 says:

Fred is the one with red hair. He's another Spartan and one of John's friends (John is the Master Chief's real name).

30 | Jayk_carson says:

I just read the book five minutes ago he has brown hair and freckles NOT NOT NOOOOOOT RED hair get it right!

31 | GGGGGG- G-unit says:

Yo home doggs. When is the next book coming out? Me out sunny g's

32 | GGGGGG- G-unit says:

Wat kind of name is Jayk_carson. & why u peps arguing about age, skin color, and hair color you'll racist bum's.

33 | caleb smith says:

Linda has red hair not fred

34 | Methinks says:

i think Master Chief will kinda look like snake in metal gear solid......they almost have the same voice

35 | Tex says:

It looks wierd! (altho ive never seen it) oh duh its on the cover! still looks wierd.

36 | Tex says:

Ive never seen it lol yall suck

37 | Darksamurai9096 says:

chief has brown hair( as said so in "the flood" the book.) Because he never takes off the helmet he has extremely pale skin and probably a stressed out look on his face after years of fighting and dissapointment.
he's also going to be obiviously buff.

38 | Darksamurai9096 says:

i also agree with Methinks

39 | steve-o says:

i don't think freckles or red hair it seems to irish but brown or black and mgs look alike guy yeah i can see that

40 | grim says:

any of yas c tha new xbox 360 games tha grafics r awsum

41 | spartan117 says:

its crapy junk

42 | pownation man says:

WTF, all you peps are wrong. Master chief is a white male with red hair. Oh ya, nice halo babies. just like everyone at my school says.

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