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Halo Babies Rains | mrsmiley { July 30, 2004 }

Ever heard of a small little gaming league called MLGPro? These guys have been helping to host a string of "Halo50K" tournies in various cities around the US. Their next stop? Seattle; the 'rainiest' city, and a conveniently close location to Bungie HQ! My good friend Suckbe- I mean, uh... Dolbex invited both Gruntsbane and I to hang out at the event to sign autographs, answer questions, etc.

This is easy for Gruntsbane to do, since he lives in the area. However, I need to drive for about 9 hours. O_o If any of you plan on going to the Seattle stop (August 21 and 22) of Dolbex and MLGPro's Halo50K tour, swing by and say hi! We will be selling/giving away exclusive Halo Babies merchandise at the event! And if that doesn't entice people to visit, Joel and I will have to rely on our boyish good looks. (And you don't want that.)

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1 | Claw says:

Nice cliffhanger. Very suspensefull.

2 | Funkmon says:

Umm...sign autographs? I can imagine it now...I'm forty, and I'm showing my son my autographs and sports memorabilia..."See, this is an autographed Nolan Ryan rookie card, and this is a Barry Sanders jersey, also autgraphed...and this here is an autographed HaloBabies T-Shirt from mrsmiley that I got in Seattle."

3 | mrsmiley says:

Yeah seriously, I don't who would want our autographs... but oh well. ;P

4 | TheDarkOne says:

will this be the first time you have met Joel face to face?

5 | Polarbear says:

Aarghh...4000 miles away. Long way to go to get a T-shirt!
Well, enjoy, and remember us stuck way out in the middle of nowhere :)

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