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Hang This! | mrsmiley { August 04, 2004 }

A fan art newcomer by the name of Niall Macintyre has provided us with an awesome new desktop, featuring... that's right, a Jackal! You don't see these around much - especially in fan art! However, Niall did an awesome job on this, and it is worth the look! (Check out the full color version of the desktop as well!)

Also, I just wanted to give a quick apology for the lack of new fanart on Monday (the normal update day). We have some new stuff to release, but I was unable to find time to sit down and post it! Don't worry, we will have it for you next Monday as usual!

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1 | Niall Mac says:

Hi! This is my first attempt of a 'proper' digital painting using my not so new, not so sparkling WACOM tablet.

You know...I think the Jackals don't recieve as much press as they deserve (with the Master Chief and the Elites taking all the glory). So, wanting to rectify this gastly lack of credit I sat down and began to work on something special, and BAM!...Here it is...

Its a shame you don't see more Jackal art - I mean, come on people! Dig that haircut, dig that cool shield, and don't tell me you can say no to those shiny eyes :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work and I pray it will peak your interests enough for it to grace that wonderful thing you call your desktop.

PS// Assuming your interested, i thought you might like to know i have another Jackal painting in the works...Just think Halo meets Bio-mech.

2 | Polarbear says:

That's amazing! Excellent portrayal of the Covie I love most to kill. Hope he falls. hehhehhe..

3 | akba says:

AWESOME! Really good drawing man, that must of took some time!

I wish I had some drawing talent. I don't really have the will to practice and practice though.

So I just stick to my computer work.

And again, AWESOME!

4 | Gruntsbane says:

Woot! That's so awesome. I hate jackals!

I know that probably took a while to finish but let's see some more!

5 | Menace says:

That could be the best fan art I have ever see, the fact that its a jackal makes it even cooler.

good work, I wish I could draw that good, I can hardly make stick figures : (

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