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Listen Up! | mrsmiley { August 11, 2004 }

Dolbex of MLGPro.com has just posted a downloadable version of a radio ad they are currently running for their Seattle stop of the famed Halo50K event! Take a wild guess who gets a plug towards the end of it! ;P Download it here! (right click, save as)

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1 | akba says:

Awesome, that was a cool commericial in the first place with the metallic guitair shreeks of doom, but it also happened to mention HaloBabies... and Bungie! Sounds good to me...

2 | blinxhunter says:

Man I was just in seattle with my family camping why did i find out about this now I probably could have persuaded them to stay until the event man dang .oh well i hope whoever goes has fun unlike me i f only i could get some pics of the event

3 | blinxhunter says:

or a signed poster of halo 2^_^

4 | Guest #9999999 says:

Dood! You guys are friggen famous! Three cheers for Halo Babies!

That ad did rock. Man, I wish I could go. Do you know if these guys are touring near San Francisco or something?

5 | Gruntsbane says:

That add made it sound like Halo babies were boothbabes or something :)

6 | ~Trail says:

That's awesome! I don't suppose they'd be touring out by Boston...lol

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