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Wow. | mrsmiley { August 17, 2004 }

I normally don't post mirrors of Bungie.net articles, but this is an exception! The incredibley talented "Zoe" is leaving Bungie studios as of today, and she left behind an insanely incredible desktop for us to enjoy! It is called "Desert Brigade", and you guys are gonna trip when you see it! =D

PLEASE NOTE that this in no way represents what Halo 2 looks like. It is merely Zoe's artistic talen combined with requests from fans to see the Chief in this way!

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1 | Polarbear says:

Dang, that's good. Shades of things to come?
Wortwortworthog was pretty funny, too..

2 | Gruntsbane says:

My head is spinning....

3 | akba says:

This brings on a new definition to the word awesome!

4 | Ripper 714 says:

That is Awesome!
..Luckily I was sitting, so I didn't trip..


5 | Ripper 714 says:

BTW, I added this to my desktop, how many others did?


6 | Menace says:

This is one of the best peices of Halo art ever, it is my desktop right now I think the best part about it is all the n00bs at the bungie forums (even though Sketch clearly states it's not) keep thinking something like it is going to be in Halo 2

7 | ThnkaDude says:

Wow.Thats a sad moment for Bungie and Us fans.Very cool drawing though i like all the battle damage.

8 | SPARTAN-117 says:

WOW *eyes glued to computer screen* man thats crazy...too bad Zoe is leaving

9 | Junpei (TM) says:

*Gets up after tripping*


10 | Spartan Chick says:

That was cool

11 | rabid08 says:

Waiit wait wait.. So I'm guessing that's using Photoshop or what?

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