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Traveling Up to Downpour | mrsmiley { August 20, 2004 }

Tomorrow, a friend and I are packing it up and driving to Seattle, WA for MLGPro's Downpour gaming tournament!

Gruntsbane and I will be hanging out and joining in on the festivities by giving away and selling our very first Halo Babies T-shirts! Due to the fact that they have the "Halobabies.Net" domain printed on them, these shirts will most likely not be able to be sold on this website (copyright crap), making them a rare find! If you are in the area, be sure to swing by and say hello! Expect a full write-up about the event when I return!

The shirts are not currently available for order online, but will be soon!

On a side note, I whipped up a lil comic strip at about 1am this morning to honor our event debute. (Drums, please!) For those that are interested, I have made a few more over at my 7th Column chapter, MSXL. They can be found here!

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1 | Blinxhunter says:

How much are the shirts i want one oh well funny comic.

2 | ShadowSniper says:

ha ha but it hasent rained in seattle in 2 months i know cuz i live there

3 | gruntish elite says:

LMFAO! Dude, your comics are frickin hilarious! Kind of an anime stick figure thing going on there.

Good luck in seattle. Now I'm beginning to think that my fear of driving is going to cause me to miss out on a lot of stuff...

4 | Rath says:

o.o;; I won one of those T-shirts. That tourny was awesome. The first Halo 2 tournament. I am wearing the shirt right now btw.. ^ ^;;

5 | surferdude says:

my friend won a halo babies teeshirt at the seattle downpour and was ready to wear it all day of the second day of the seattle downpour when someone wanted it so bad that they stole it right in front of it and ran off...actually kinda funny to us but not for my friend

6 | [osk]yessi says:

it could have a film the halo babies


7 | andres says:

mas imajenes

8 | U don kno me says:

halo babies is awsome haha, and de person down da bottom, it wud be cool if they did have a film

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