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MLG Downpour Write-Up and Video | mrsmiley { August 25, 2004 }

Before I begin with this write-up of MLGPro's Downpour event, I need to say one thing to those who did not attend.

You missed out.

This tourney was by far one of the coolest Halo events I have been to, and I had an absolute blast while I was there!

The trip did not start out that way, however. My plan was to bring a bunch of exclusive Halo Babies t-shirts to sell/giveaway at the event. These shirts were scheduled to arrive at my house before 10am on Friday morning. They did not show up until 3:30pm. Oh well, I suppose late is better than not showing up at all! I left with my friend, Jordan Davis, who tagged along for the "perks" of the event. =) It tooks us about 12 hours of uneventful driving, but we finally arrived at Lowell's (Gruntsbane's friend) house at around 5am Saturday morning. Gruntsbane came out to greet us, and we chatted a bit before hitting the hay.

But let's stop there, because I need to share something that absolutely freaked me out! After receiving our destination address from Gruntsbane online, I used MapQuest to plot out our trip from my house to his. Wanna know how many miles the trip was gonna take?


Don't believe me? Take a big fat look at this. (If you still don't believe me, you can talk to Gruntsbane, who saw the actual page!) Anyways, this odd coincidence could only mean one thing: I need to get out more.

Back to the story. We arrived at the tourney at about 11 the following morning (after a quick donut run). Of course, it took about 30 minutes of wandering before we actually got there. This thing took place in the "Seattle Center." Now I don't know about you, but when I think of a "center", I think of one building with several convention rooms inside. Well, this "center" consisted of about 10 buildings, each with several convention rooms inside! Needless to say, we made it, and I'm glad we did!

We showed up amid the FFA tourney, and got to check out some of that action until the Sketch and Frankie showed up from Bungie. These guys brought joy to every fan who attended the event by allowing MLG to hold the first Halo 2 tourny ever! It is pretty crazy to think about a game being in a tournament 3 months before it was released, but we sure as hell didn't care! The Halo 2 madness went for about 3 hours, and ended with a great "staff" game; featuring yours truly, my friend, Jordan, Gruntsbane, the MLG crew, Miguel, and Randall Glass. It was a great match. I mean "great" by the fact that we stomped on MLG! =P The featured video of me playing this game can be found here.

After we packed up for the day, Miguel, Randall, Jordan, Lowell, Joel, and I decided to head to the nearby Bucca de Beppo's for some Italian eats. We had a great time discussing different aspects of Halo 2, as well as our experiences with some of Bungie's original games. All this to say, we left behind a little momento for future customers of that restaurant. (Here's a closer picture.)

After an awesome dinner with some good friends, Joel, Jordan, Lowell and I headed back to Lowell's house for some nice and relaxing 3v3 Halo action (they invited some WAY TOO 1337 neighbor kids). We got pwned. Despite that, it was a good end to a good day.

We got up the next morning and headed back to MLG for a final day of festivities. What I experienced and saw that day was probably the highlight of my trip. Don't get me wrong, I loved Halo 2 - it kicked total ass! That in mind, I saw a new game that blew me away instantly! I can't say anything, as the game hasn't even been announced yet, but let's just say that this new game kicks major ass, and will most likely become an instant favorite with Halo fans. Getting to play this game absolutely rocked, and as Jynx would say, it was totally "moist." I will post info about it as soon as I can!

MLG's Downpour in Seattle definitly showed me an awesome time, and I hope that you guys will be able to attend one of the next events that are coming up. It was great being able to play other Halo teams, and get completely pwned by them. (Damn you TNA!) There is just something about Halo that brings complete and total strangers together in harmony. It was this phenomenon that made the Downpour such a success in my mind.

That, and Halo 2. =)

Last night, I threw together about an 8-minute video of this event for your enjoyment. There is a lot of shaky-cam Halo 2 footage... w00t! I also got quite a bit of footage that I could not fit into this video, so expect some new sponsor content coming soon!

This video will be back online from this site in 2 weeks when our bandwidth resets, or if someone mirrors it for us. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    Video: Halo Babies at the MLG Downpour | WMV (zipped) | Right click and 'Save as' to download, or click link to stream.
  • If anyone can make a Quicktime version of this for me, or if anyone would like to mirror this, please let me know! Thanks!

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1 | disruptionforce says:

Wow, massive.
And in regards to the 777 thing, I think you *do* need to get out more. =P

2 | KayCeron says:

Was this mysterious game you speak of a FPS...possibly by Rare?

3 | Spidey_RvBEV says:

Rock on, mrsmiley... thanks for the notes, and especially for the vids!!! Oh, and btw, did you actually manage to sell/giveaway any shirts? ;-)

4 | Gruntsbane says:

hmm, the only reason I got 3rd instead of first is because hollywood betrayed me at the flag goal. If i find out who that was..... ;)

5 | Murph MacManus says:

Another awesome vid, they are both good. But of course, I love the multiplayer footage the most.

6 | Darkshadow says:

You do know that you left the destination address unblurred at the bottom of the mapquest pic, right?

7 | blinxhunter says:

Its so beautifull i i i im cryin right now halo 2 is so awesome yet i dont have an xbox oh well (blinxhunter is weeping and wiping his tears with a cheesy game disk)

8 | Se7enSe7en says:

Anyone make a Quicktime of it yet?

9 | Bestmasterchief says:

Awesomeness. I could make a quicktime, but I'd have to size it down to less than 6 mbs...

10 | Se7enSe7en says:

How do you do it, then you won't have to go through all the trouble.. Send me an email at , if you don't mind.. Then you could tell me there...

11 | DanTheDark says:

damn that event sounded amazing...... im definitely thinking of entering some mlg tournements if they ever have one close canada.... mr.smiley and grbane rule!

12 | Maraxus6 says:

Well, you're lucky that it wasnt 666 miles. You probably would be dead.

Or possessed, like that girl in the Exorcist *shudders*.

13 | Grimes says:

Yo Smiley. Love the vid. Awesome choice of music. LP is the shiznat. =)

14 | Smiley_ says:

I forgot to mention in my write up just how sexy my friend Jordan really is. Spending 24 hours in a small car with him was one of the best experiences of my life; I think it may even have made me a little gayer (if thats possible). If you havent watched the video yet keep an eye out for him, itll be worth it.

15 | mrsmiley says:

Nice, Jordan. Very nice. =)

16 | thereason says:

my stupid mom :(

17 | hexona says:

merci pour la video

18 | MarineSniper says:

What is the instrumental called when it has the footage of the things around the town? Before they go in and play Halo 2?
Very good video:) keep it up.

19 | Azaroth says:

fu and fu.

20 | MarineSniper says:

Thanks. By who sorry?

21 | dills says:

the viDeo was a little heavy on the fx in the beginning. the shots of little kinds playing were nice and melodramatic and all, but wtf did they have to do with the halo tourney?

22 | jack says:


23 | Lord Buddha says:

I hereby declare 7 a holy number, by the power vested in me as a proud priest of the Bungie Cult.

24 | Buttery Goodness! (aka Church) says:

Dude, you left from Sacramento? Maybe I could have gone... 777 miles. That is crazy.

The first Halo 2 tourney... you guys are even bigger legends now! I mean, you're part of history!

As for that Halo 2 sticker, I noticed it was surrounded with what seems to be family portraits. Are you sure you can just leave a Halo 2 sticker in the middle of it all?

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