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Gaming Artists Wanted! | mrsmiley { August 30, 2004 }

Ever since I modded our forum to allow attachments, people have been posting various forms of gaming art on several of our forums. I really enjoy this stuff, and Gruntsbane does as well...

What should be done about all this artwork "cluttering" up our forums? It was a no-brainer for me. Make a an Artwork Forum! It has been done, and I expect to see even more action from all you talented (or not so) gaming artists out there!

I divided the forum up into two sections. The Sketchbook is a place to post all your "in-progress" artwork. Maybe you are throwing around some ideas for a picture mid-way through and want some feedback... post it! Once you are finished with a piece of art, you can post it in our gallery for all to enjoy. I have future plans for doing monthly featured artists, weekly featured pics, and so one, so do your best and show us your stuff!

I should also mention that within about 2 minutes of opening the brand new forums, our local Adobe guru, akba, had already posted a sneak peak of one of his upcoming Halo 2 vector projects. Rock on! =)

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1 | Kevin D. says:

I may be able to do some things, but i have this freind that is the bomb at computer GFX. If you whant to e-mail me, go to msn messanger and ad me, because, youll just go to my junk mail!

2 | Gruntish elite says:

And may i add that this was my idea? *glee* Sweetness. Good luck to all you artists out there!

3 | ansomble28 says:

I will definitely work on some stuffs to throw in. I have a few ideas for some good pics. And i'm not a bad artist either.

4 | Rogue Elite says:

The new art forum is my new home...

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