A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!



Original Baby Chief Concept #1 | mrsmiley { September 24, 2004 }

Just posted a new pic of Gruntsbane's first Baby Chief Halo 2 concept. It is pretty damn cool, and is practically gift wrapped for our members who enjoy coloring Gruntsbane's B&W work! Plenty more coming next week! =D

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1 | [TN]_GODPEED says:

Nice work and very impressive. I have to say though the chest plate part of the armor almost makes it look like Chief is wearing a metal bra. Maybe you should make it more square. -- But its your pic so I dont care unless you like it. =D

2 | ansomble28 says:

It's a damn good drawing. Nice work, artisticly. Concept wise... ummm, The chest plate does resemble a fine MC D cup! Looks like a bra for sure. Also it seems like with each new "evolution" he just gets more grown up. What happened to Halo BABIES?! Well, that's all.

3 | Tina Leyk says:

Very nice concept work, as always. And seeing it's only the first concept, I'm sure Gruntsbane can do nothing but improve with it. Again, awesome job.

4 | Mista_B says:

Guys, Chief's not a stickboy weenie - he's a super-genetically engineered cyborg marine!

In other words, he's pretty ripped, folks. Those are pec's, not b0rbs.

Plus, more armor ain't a bad thing.

5 | what says:

I like the original Halo armor. MC's b0rbs look...well...gay! And I wish, I WISH Bungie would make an MC WITHOUT a goddamn crotch plate. It's really really really gay, and has no conceivable purpose. Besides getting shot in crotch. And obviously rarely happens, becuase modern-day marines don't have huge meatl plates covering their privates. r0fL

6 | David says:

Well...I'm a bit confused. I see the "Halo", but I don't see the "Babies" what part of these sketches is supposed to be a BABY Master Cheif?
Still good sketches, just not baby sketches.

7 | jon says:

I love halo but were are the babys i dont c them any where.

8 | your so thik says:

you morons the babies are the fact that they cary dart and squirt guns and really short and theres no blood all over the place headless bodies

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