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Now Featuring... You! | mrsmiley { September 27, 2004 }

From now on, every Monday (aside from the usual Halo Babies fan art), Gruntsbane and I will start choosing some of our favorite art pieces that fans have posted in our forum's Gallery for the week to feature in a news post. So if you wanna be seen by thousands on our front page, get crackin! (Continues...)

The art section of our forum has been rockin' so hard with great new artists, that I have decided to open a new Halo Fan Strip section for those artists that feel so inclined. Remember, these are for Halo comic strips. Any Halo Babies fan comic strips should be e-mailed to artAThalobabies.net (AT=@)! Without out furthur ado, here are our picks for this week!

  • MC and Cortana Tribute by 2phast | This guy is awesome at MSPaint. Period! He is waiting, like many of us, for MCandCortana.net to re-open!

  • Beach Spartan Pencil Drawing by Spartan 067 | A great up and coming artist in our forum. In only 6th grade, she seems to increase her skill with every new drawing!

  • Halo 2 Gots Squid by Spec.Op.Elite. | Tentacle or not, it's a great pencil drawing!
  • Quick Note: Non of these entries are Halo Babies related, so they won't actually be posted on this main site. However, they will remain archived in our forum!

    Thanks for all the great artwork this week! Keep 'em coming, and don't be discouraged if you don't see yourself on here. With hard work, you may!

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1 | Spec.Op.Elite says:

*ghasp* me? what an honor!

2 | Spartan 067 says:

I'd like to thank my mom my dad and...what am I talking about? Great work Spec. Op. Elite and 2phast!

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