A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!



6 New H2 Baby Chief Concepts! | mrsmiley { October 01, 2004 }

As I promised last week, we have bunch of new Halo 2 Baby MC sketches for you to check out. 6 in all! (Contained in 2 files.)

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1 | tony lenke says:


2 | Mista_B says:

Hey, cool.

Fantastic posing on that second one, the action concept pic. Great perspective abilities, there.

On that note, would you have anything similar to do with Cortana?

I still can't draw her quite right, and something like this'd really help me get her skin patterning down.

3 | gruntish elite says:

lol those are great! I like the action ones most, he looks cool in those ones. If only I could draw like that...*sigh* Good work, gruntsbane!

4 | hkcaboose says:

cool!....but like the rest on here im not so good drawing...but i do good at editing pictures!

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