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Halo Gamers Against Piracy! | mrsmiley { October 15, 2004 }

Join us in striving for a "100% Pirate Free" fan community!

Pirate Scumbag

What is HGAP?

Halo Gamers Against Piracy is something that Ripper 714 of our forums came up with as a way to help spread awareness of the current Halo piracy issue. There is no organization, no motto, no link to some site to sign up. It is just a simple and fun way to show Bungie that we, as a website, are firmly commited to keeping pirated material off of our forums and our site!

What can I do?

If you know of any sites that are posting the bit torrent/download links for the game, or that are posting screens/movies from it, please e-mail them to or call 1-800-RULEGIT!

Support HGAP!

I will be displaying this banner on our main page until the day Halo 2 is released. If you want to join in, feel free! However, I ask that if you decide to put this banner on your site, that you maintain a "pirate free" environment! ;)


{ 350X90 }
Halo Gamers Against Piracy

{ 113x30 }

If you want, you can link the banners to this news post, so people who don't know what it means can find out! (This is NOT a cheap publicity ploy for us. If you prefer, make an article about it on your own site, and link it to that!)

158 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | Mista_B says:

100% support.

2 | KRACKA says:

Count me in...down with Pirates!

3 | Jaxx says:

I'm in. Great idea.

4 | blinxhunter says:

I will do all I can "my site will keep clean of piracy filth those who disobey will suffer

5 | Drizzt Du'Urden says:

already have the game and playing ty ' i wish i realy have it ;( '

6 | ThnkaDude says:

Awesome idea count me in.

7 | Junpei says:

I'm gonna put it up at MC&C right now!

8 | Kila' Kanamee says:

Count me in. I'm gonna go put that up on my site right now!

9 | Abriel McPierce says:

Theft is theft no matter who or how many times it's been done before.

10 | The Mexican says:

We lie, we cheat, we steal....
and we have the game at the flea market for 5 bucks...

11 | Skorpio UK says:

Cont me in 100% Iv;e deleted 5 people from my XBL friends list for playing the Halo 2 PAL copy, damn, piracy sucks

12 | Skorpio UK says:

correction *COUNT* me in

damn keyboard

13 | Church says:

I saw this on the HBO site, and when I read it, I was really pissed. I'm glad someone's taking action against the piracy of Halo 2, and I wanna give my full support!

I'm spreading the news to other forums. Come on, everybody!

14 | Maraxus6 says:

YEAH! Down with the pirates! I pledge 110% support to this cause.

...We'll show those b*stards not to f*ck with Bungie.

(Sorry for the swearing, but I deem it to be in support of a good, no, GREAT cause!)

15 | Paradoxy says:

I wish burning rashes upon the inner theighs of the pirate fools responcible. Go HGAP!!

16 | SC_DNO says:

Well, i must say, that the idea of having halo 2 early is VERY tantalizing, but all in all, whomever uploaded the leak to the internet needs to be brutally beaten by badgers weilding sticks of justice, and frozen underpants of payback, filled with jelly cream donuts of corse, that wouldnt be right to die such a horrible death without donuts you know....and before i become further from said "subject" on said "piracy issue" bring those effers down! also proceeding being beaten to "almost" death, the punishment for releasing halo 2 should be a mass raping, which of course Bill gates will initially want to join in with, although he wont.

There you have it! if you download halo 2, You support the Mass Rapage of a guy who did realease said "halo 2" and i think this post is LONG enough! and in closeing, i think whomever released it is a big poopy head! good day my fellow non-pirateranese!

17 | Xeroh says:


HGAP, Hahahah!

18 | hydra66 says:

im in

19 | Boxer says:

You can count me in!

20 | The Loot says:

France does it again! DOWN with piracy!!!

21 | pmicka says:

I'm in, but seriously, someone needs to host a site with a catchy logo, that would be awesome!

22 | Burst and Bloom! says:

The only kids who really are into this are the kids who aren't capable of pirating it, really. I've all $60 down on Halo 2, and I'm definitely gonna be downloading it on the ninth, just because my shipment won't be in until the eleventh. Unless it sucks...in which case. Eh.

23 | mrsmiley says:

This is not as much saying that we aren't going to do it (although we aren't), as it is saying that we are going to commit ourselves to stopping others from spreading the pirated copies as well! (i.e. Reporting links, deleting pirate copy forum posts, etc.)

24 | Rebel X says:

Screw the Pirates!

25 | Ripper 714 says:

Wow! A big following to this!

Thanks for all the support for stopping piracy!

26 | M&My Shotgun Bob says:

I support this 200% because if all the people pirate Halo 2 then we won't have a Halo 3. Me and Bob will join the fight against pirates!

27 | Squattingb says:

Well we're not going to have Halo 3 anyway, they've confirmed they're not going to make one.
But I support HGAP 100% I'll definately try my best to stop gaming piracy in general, and especially for Halo 2

28 | Spartan032 says:

I would be insulted if we didn't!

29 | Crazy Fox 15 says:

You guys know me. I'm 100% with you!

Also if I find any one I know that tries to give me a copy of the pirated version,I'll snap the disk in half and,and,...well you don't want to know what I'd do to the guy!


Count me in also. I am already looking for sites to report.

31 | NomadWarrior says:

We at The Beyond, are IN! we do not accept piracy, and will soon add the minibanner to our Affiliate list!

Become a pirate, drown like a rat.
Stop Piracy!
(but then make the games cheaper, plz...:P)

32 | Halo Fangirl says:

the hunt is on

33 | Lt. McMuffin says:

i will personallly find thier adresses and beat them to death with a blunt objuct like uhm MY PC MOUSE

34 | Yayap8 says:

Im in 117%. if anyone finds a site thats hosting a pirated copy, we shall hack there servers, upload viruses and subscribe them to every home and garden magazine in the world!!!!!!!!!

Kill All Pirate Bastards!!!!!

35 | Polarbear says:

Of course. Bungie deserves no less. The fact that this was inevitable doesn't make it right.
(Skorpio, you DO know that typo of yours could have been much worse, right? ;) )

36 | Ujio 3 says:

True bungie fans are not pirates. I think of it like this: If you pay for halo 2, you give money to bungie to fund Halo 3!

37 | Ujio 3 says:

Wait, I read Squattingb's post about halo 3, and now I'm sad. still, don't support piracy! I'm going to make sure my site has nothing illegal on it.

38 | Crash says:

I think this organization is awesome, but why just the pirated Halo 2? We could band together and wipe out all piracy, except the kind with the guys with beards, eyepatches, and peg legs, those guys are awesome. What I find funny is that the pirated copy has only been released like 25 days from the real release date. C'mon people! It's like less than a month! If you can't wait that long to play a videogame, regardless of how awesome/omnipotent/[insert adjective here] is, you don't deserve to live without having all your arms and legs amputated (and if I know those pirating monsters, they've got like 50 arms and 50 legs, those crazy jackals!).

39 | mrsmiley says:

You know, Crash, that is a good idea. I'm not sure how it would be set up, but it definitly has potential!

40 | Sooty117 says:

100% against pirates, i mean hell whats the point now they could get fined and have thousands of people like us that hate them. It didnt do any good and they just spoiled it for all of us. 3 years waiting, all those delays and some [insert insult] has pissed thousands of people off just weeks before the game comes out. Shotgun shell in pirates head and voila dead pirate :)

41 | Aussie says:

To right fellas. These pirates need to be strung up at our nearest ports. That will learn em! Bastards. P.S. Us Aussie Halo nuts should get game before you Yanks, world time being in our favour.

42 | AGhost says:

I agree with all you guys,


Time to sink their pirate ships (aka. websites/torrents). I am in.

43 | The Emperor Master says:

those pirates are going DOWN.
i also give my 100% support.

44 | The Cat says:

they can run but they cannot hide!

45 | Major Fatmen says:

I'm in!

46 | A Spartan says says:

Those pirates really suck,anyone who supports them in any way possible obviously is saying they dont care about the guys who put 3 long hardworking years into a game they were trying to (and pretty much did) make the best out there,if i could get my hands on one of those pirates 1.pour hot burning acid on them 2.pour lemon juice on them (considering the burns from the acid that would sting real good!) 3.release rabid squirrels on them to finish it off and if they try to get up,use them as speed bumps,and then the ultimate torture:never let them play Halo 2 EVER.But since i dont now where they are i'll just think about all that and smile,but other than that i'll do what i can to help you guys.

47 | TriggerHappy101 says:

I hate all that piracy crap that has been going on. They shouldn't befowl our beloved Halo 2 and just less than a month away from release. If they want it that bad they should just bite their lip and wait like the rest of us. They can pirate any game BUT Halo games, NOT THE HALO!!!!

48 | Yayap8 says:

you guys relize that that they dont want you 2 know if they're making a Halo 3 right? think about it. We didnt know untill a couple years ago that they were making a Halo2, but they started it ever since they released Halo1. they just dont want us hounding them about it. they've allready got enough stress on there hands. espiecially with the piracy and all.

49 | Sh4dowSn1p3r says:


50 | A Zeeky H Bomb says:

Piracy is stupid. If you want to pirate something, get into a cheap wooden ship and plunder gold, not computer games. Destroy all the pirates! We could send viruses or something into their sites so anyone who pirates the game will suffer. Its a good idea but can make people evil, but theres nothing more evil than pirating Halo 2! Destroy the pirates, destroy them, dont stand there, do something, destroy them! -takes deep breath-

51 | randy says:


52 | Download Halo2 here says:


53 | Serge_THE_GREAT says:

Honestly, I hope that's a joke URL up there...

54 | Pvt. Tucker says:

I'm in 100%. Screw those French pirates!

55 | NMac says:

People...I think i speak for everyone here when i say that when us fan purchase Halo 2, we're not just paying those sublime individuals at Bungie...We're rewarding them! For all that blood, sweat and tears they've spilled over the last three years. Alas. Some poor French bugger goes and spoils it for all (kinda reminds me of Monty Pythons the holy grail. That french bugger on the fort. GOD, i can here those pirates now "Hah! I fart in your general Dee-Rectione'!!"

56 | Anonymous says:

57 | Pvt. Tucker says:

I'm in 100%. Screw those French pirates!
The leak probably comes from within the US... The leaked copy could have been in any of the languages the Xbox supports... :/

57 | kappa koin says:

im going to find all the people i can that is downloading and uploading H2 and report them (im not an 8 year old tattle tale i just dont like what happen thats all)

58 | cyber fox says:

yah this is a great idea! i have frends who where getting the leak but when he found out wo much microsoft was sueing he cancled that download faster then you can say kitty! XD also the guy who leaked it... he in big trob with microsoft is what i was told.

59 | mrsmiley says:

To clear things up for #59, the leak was CONFIRMED as being from a French replication factory. As for #60, it is so true. That is why this is a campaign specificly against Halo 2 piracy. I personally have never pirated a computer game, but what about music downloads? ALL of us do that!

To say that you "hate all pirates", means you are pointing the finger at yourself (not you personally, but everyone who is saying that.) Very good point.

60 | Hambone says:

Anyone that could do this to the people at bungie should be banned, removed, and plain old kicked out of the videogame world. The pirates should be forced to watch Barny and the Teletubbies, 1 hour for every second they played video games. While having jelly beans throw at them by rabid monkeys.

61 | Jashion says:

Stupid pirates

62 | Boomer says:

Death with pirates!!!

mfg boomer

63 | NMac says:

#59 has a very valid point. It's that old situation of "let he who is without sin cast the first stone". But, with fans as loyal as the ones here, it's easy to understand why so many people feel a certain indignation surrounding the whole piracy issue, especially when it's a game which people have been looking forward to for nearly 3 years. They simply don't want to face the idea that the experience could potentially be spoiled by piracy (especially the storyline). However, i'd like to believe that this is just digital steam, words on a page. I sincerely doubt that anyone here would go through with any acts of violence if the culprit were placed in front of them...at least i hope not! Secondly, i'd also like to believe that most if not all the members of halobabies have the same level of computer knowledge as me: we know enough to surf the web and maybe create a slick website(like Mrsmiley). So, i doubt that very few folk here actually have the technical knowledge to hack a website (I don't!). So, by all means report these pirates, just let the authorites that govern the web and related sites handle the actual closure of such portals.

64 | Falcon says:

Count me in! If anything happens, someone email me at to tell me our progress against those pirate bastards! I WILL keep my eyes open for anything, and I mean ANYTHING, suspicious! Long live Halo Babies and HGAP!

65 | Psycho Ninja says:

Piracy still sucks. Great idea.

66 | SeaWolf says:

On one hand, I feel guilty about NOT pirating anything that's Microsoft, just 'cause they SOOO deserve it...but to me, Halo is, and will always be, Bungie, and Bungie deserves recognition and compensation, even if microsoft doesn't. I bought my copy of Halo with my XBox...woot. Halo is so worth actually paying for.

67 | Archaos46 says:


They won't be able to play halo 2, that they pirated, ever! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

(i know that is over the top and i dont expect anyone to do it, cos its breaching human rights, but its just how i feel, ANGRY!!!!!)

But anyway, count me in!

68 | Blaze says:

As if you would priate a game like Halo 2. What sorta sick twisted people are we takin about here. They should just wait like the rest of us. ...Grrrrrrr. Halo 1 was awsome, but that dosn't mean pirats should ruin all the hard work the bungie team etc have put into creating Halo 2. Anti pirats all the way.

69 | Your Funny says:

You really think your little band of "do gooders" can accomplish anything? Wrong!
1) The web is far to vast to stop everything.
2) "Where there is a will there is a way"... People will always look to pirate over the web.
I'm sure a majority of you are all hypocrits that pirate things other than Halo. IE: music, movies, games, etc, etc. "It's ok because it's not our precious halo" Besides... Aside from a few neet additions, the game isn't worth all of the hype. Multiplayer more or less is parrallel to a quake deathmatch. Most of the maps practically place you in a short enclosure forcing short range combat. I expected better.

70 | SneakyGrunt says:

I feared that piracy would occur. We may not be able to find every pirate, but we can band together and boycott pirated versions of the game. Join with me, my brothers, and look with hope to November 9!

71 | Spartan-287 says:

Honestly weve been waiting for soooooo long and these guys had to go and ruin it with only 27 days left! That REALLY pisses me off...

72 | Spartan-287 says:

Pirating stuff like music is one thing, but when someone has worked as hard as bungie did on a great game like Halo 2, then someone else comes in, slaps them in the face, and runs off with the game to reproduce it and leaks it onto the internet, thats just not cool. Bungie didnt work so hard just to have some little jerk ruin everything. You think its easy to keep something this big a secret for so long so that when it finally comes out everyone will be surprised and satisfied? I mean they really went out of their way to ensure that no one knew hardly anything about the game just to enhance our experience. Then this little *beep* comes in and... well im just really freaking angry and bungie should be too.

73 | Archaos46 says:

hey, 'poster number 59'

you do know that Bungie isnt that concerned about the loss of money because of the pirating, its the emotional side - right? if you dont, you should.
(as Frankie said in the last update "The cost of this is emotional, not fiscal")
They dont want the game to be ruined for all of us by us finding out the plot before it is released, they are concerned about our enjoyment of the great game and the possibility that all their hard work making the game and keeping the plot secret will be spoiled by some selfish b**tards who are so bl**dy impatient.

if you think that the pirating of Halo 2 doesnt affect anything at Bungie, then you do not have any right to call yourself a Halo or Bungie fan, they must be incredibly sad that their awesome creation has been stolen from them and that there is a possiblity that their true fans are being denied the secrecy of the plot that Bungie believes we deserve.
So just go away, now -


74 | mrsmiley says:

Very well said, Archaos. With over 1.5 million copies ALREADY sold, Bungie isn't worried about losing money! We all know that there will always be pirated versions of every game ever made, but to do so a mere 3 weeks before release, when Bungie has been keeping things a secret for 3 YEARS, is just wrong!

75 | civilchaos01 says:

Nice very nice, Archaos that is how i fell but you said it a lot better than i could

76 | Elessar says:

"Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship; but it is not this day. An hour of wolves, and shattered shields when the age of Men comes crashing down; but it is not this day! This day, we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!"

Let us be like an alliance of hardcore fans standing against those who would spoil it for us. With less than 3 weeks left, we are now in the nitty-gritty; the time we have waited for since we first saw MC fly away from Halo.

I agree with #73, we cannot stop them all, but we can refuse to listen to spoilers and pirates. I think I can speak for us all when I say we truly are a brotherhood, a fellowship, if you will, united by a common love of good games. Look to Nov. 9, my friends, and until then, I'll see you in Blood Gulch.

77 | Pkmnrulz240/Dark Cloud says:

Yup, I agree with all here. We will not stop, we will no go quietly into the night!!! Down with the leakers...

I laugh at them though, as I guarantee you, 95% of the people who downloaded the game probably already had it preordered and paid for. XD

78 | The Monitor says:

I found the leak and sat there staring at the screen. I could bring myself to download it. But if the leaks are 'traceable' why do Microsoft need help looking for sites?

79 | b'dass says:

good work boys! keep it up;I am makeing a new website and this will be the first artical on my website i will post the name of my website as soon as it gets going /salute/

80 | mrsmiley says:

#59, you obviously have not been a fan of Bungie. Maybe Halo, sure, we all have, but a BUNGIE fan is a different thing. These guys have worked their asses off for 3 years to bring us this game. You can't say that this game is just "decent". Since when has any other game sold over 1.5 million copies, in the US alone, before it was released? Halo 2 is not just another run-of-the-mill game.

For many of us who have been involved with Bungie in some way or another along the road to building Halo 2, this is a personal strike against us. The fact that so many fans are willing to rally behind a cause like this is very heart-warming to the folks at Bungie.

And just so you know, there are rarely "SPOILER HERE" titles that people give to posts with H2 spoilers. Usually, some idiot posts it as something else, and then unsuspecting fans unwittingly get the game spoiled for them. FOr your info, I have already deleted and banned 3 people from posting comments on this site, for posting spoilers. That is a problem. When you wait 3 years for a game, and then have it spoiled by some idiot's random post, it is not a pleasant experience.

Just so you can have some respect for people like me, who have been involved in this game since the beginning. I have a life, and Halo has been part of it for a long time! :)

81 | Archaos46 says:

Firstly I return the compliment mrsmiley, very well said.

To reply to Number 59, get off your high horse and stop believing yourself to be above all of us, we are not 'retards', 'immature' or anything like that, how can you even think to judge us by the very little that you know about us, the only person who calls others things when they have no evidence are the ones who those terms actually apply to, they are trying to transfer that onto others to make themselves feel better, its quite sad. Finally, #59, i dont think you read my previous post, mrsmiley's or anyone elses for that matter, very well, you still dont understand how much emotional damage this has done to the people at Bungie, they are devastated, and you, by condoning - even supporting the piracy of Halo 2, is not helping.
Just go away and leave us, and Bungie alone, arrogant people like you are not welcome anywhere.

82 | Rogue Elite!! says:

Hey wowzers! Am I allowed to put this in my HB forum signature? If so, how please?

The words I would like to use to comment on the piracy of H2 are either A. Unacceptable language to use or B. Do not exist yet
and lets C how pirates would feel if someone stole thier life's work! *evil eye*

83 | Elessar says:

Number 59, of course I realize the story goes far beyond the game. I own and read frequently all three Halo books, but I was inspired to learn more by playing the game first. I consider myself a "true halo and bungie fan", and the reason for that is this phenomonal game.

As for this being bungie's problem, you are dead wrong. When games are pirated, the industry has no reason to make better games, since they will just get stolen. This would completely ruin the gaming industry.

I also agree with mrsmiley and Archaos in that you cannot judge us as a whole and that you are clearly not a true fan. By the way Archaos, your last post was very moving and struck home. Keep posting, my friend; you are an inspiration.

Shoot straight, my brothers.

84 | Elessar says:

Oh, and Number 59, would you be so kind as to spell my name right?

Hannon le...

85 | TSG yayap says:

i know a guy who has downloaded halo2.
kicking him in the nuts felt good

i do not want everyone to get violent and i know kicking him was wrong.
But it damn sure felt good.

86 | TSG yayap says:

i just have to add that i did apologize to him later.

sorry for the double post

87 | Yayap8 says:

I have recently heard that most all indeviduals,or bastards, or whatever you want to call them, who have downloaded the pirated copy have had their Xbox live gamertags destroyed their accounts terminated, and will no longer ever be able to subscribe to Live again. As for the pirates who hosted the downloads, they have been identified, and have been recently visited by Bungie's flaming ninja. Don't expect to hear from them soon... or ever. I am glad to announce that once again, all is right in the Halo community.

Wendys'... i mean Bungie's unofficial spokes person.

88 | deathmas says:

yes Pirates blow halo2 copys out there ass

89 | A Spartan says:

Thanks Master Chiefs Brother about the rabid squirrels remark :),i feel noticed now.

90 | A Spartan says:

One more thing,i myself am a huge Bungie and Halo fan,and i absolutely hate to blame Bungie,but if they hadnt released it earlier over there this wouldnt have happened,(please forgive me about that Bungie)

91 | mrsmiley says:

To #96: Had they released it earlier, it would not be as awesome as it is now. They did that with Halo, and left out tons of features it could have had.

92 | Ujio 3 says:

Halo is a way of life, for myself and many others.I have played Halo every day since my friend bought it when it first came out. Halo is the reason for owning an Xbox(or a computer, if that's how you game.)When i first saw the halo 2 e3 video, I was so happy that I noticed tears in my eyes. I needed to play that game. I didn't want to wait, but along with the rest of the world, wait I did for three long years. I secretly knew that the exitement and anticipation were part of the fun. the lack of spoilers released(thanks, Bungie!) has kept my friends and I entertained and talking the entire waiting period. "OOh, maybe the Covies find earth!", "I can't wait to fight a Brute!", and "Can marines really drive vehicles for you now?" were all every day talking points. And now, with just a little longer to go, some jerk pirates a copy for download. Why? Does he think it makes him "bad"? I can't understand why someone would do something like this. All i can say is this: Come November 9th, I will drive to GameCrazy put down my fifty bucks, and leave with my LEGALLY PURCHASED Halo 2 copy, for hours of enjoyment. And Pirate, there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

93 | stalker 04 says:

stalker 04 kains it hard, allow pirates

94 | jack crouch says:

i enjoy anal with horses, donkeys anything really that has a cock, respect to the dog i did last night, halo is jokes allow pirates

95 | Famous Amos says:

Elessar, I totally agree with what you said in number 80! we must unite under one banner to confront the evil pirates in the East. (besides, they're french. It'll be easy.)

96 | Famous Amos says:

Oh, and by the way, Gimli rocks!

97 | Elessar says:

Thank you Amos. I feel that i know you...Pirates from the East... I wonder if they drive black ships? hmm, hoom...

Oh, and everyone who reads this should check out bungie.net for an awesome new screenshot- not pirated!!

Excitement in my area is rising, how about the rest of you? Oh and jack crouch(#100), get a life, okay? Spend some time actually playing games instead of having your weird fantasies.

17 days left, my friends!

98 | Lord Buddha says:

The pirates just know they're going to need all the extra pratice for when we kick their a$$ on XBL...

99 | SystemAi says:

smack them pirates in the face

100 | A Spartan says:

To #97,Im not saying they should have released it earlier,just at the same,at least we'll get the good version.

101 | A Spartan says:

correction:just at the same time

102 | cortana says:

hi mom

103 | dansan says:

i agree with you guys

104 | dansan says:


105 | Donut says:

Bungie are Gods for bringing us the Halo series so to hell if i would touch a pirate copy of H2, Bungie have been workin 2hard and 2long on H2. Cant wait till the real version arrives in stores. I Bet the dodgy pirate game cover wouldnt even look good on my DVD/game rack

106 | captainpirate says:

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I"m a pirate

107 | mastachief89 says:

arrrrrrr me two, I'm a pirate

108 | Halo2uesday says:

I'm in, destroy all pirates!

109 | WOO says:

It is really pointless to stop pirates because you will never began to stop them. Plus its not hurting yall. I think this whole entire forum is gay.

110 | Traize says:

Good move, Echo-413 is right behind ya...

woo; whilst it may not always be possible to beat all the pirates, a true Bungie fan will do their best, it may not be hurting us, but it sure as hell ain't good for Bungie.

111 | why is this forum mad at me says:

why the blam is this forum mad at me

112 | TheGrunt1000 says:

BAAAAAAAAAD PIRATEs!!!! "ill bite their kneecaps off!!!!!"
P.S. Jaxx i luvvvv yer site
I have 1 of my own
ONE luvable klutzy dangerous furr I am!!!!!

113 | TheGrunt1000 says:

PS DRAW MORE COMIX especially u JAXX!!!!

114 | AngryMouse14 says:

Halo piraters suck.

Sea-doggin' pirates rock.

Case closed.

115 | forstngman says:

i'm a pirate for haloween. but not in real life. plus. i don't like the french anyway.


116 | P3ST4 says:

yea they suk...but what can u do...if u had a chance to play it i bet u would! : )

117 | A Spartan says:

I know i wouldnt,it comes out in only a week now,and besides im waitin in line for eight hours and id rather be exited about what happens instead of sittin there already knowin.

118 | Archaos46 says:

I just saw that there is a pile of ppl on Kazaa downloading Halo 2 (still), unfortunately they covered their tracks (hiding their name, etc.) and i cant trace them =(

dam i wish i could somehow stop those bastards, but i dont know any way to.... any1 have ne ideas?

119 | spartann master 009 says:


120 | A Spartan says:

Dont worry,im sure that Kazaa will give some nice viruses to them,its not the most trustworthy thing.

121 | ShadowDeath says:

Some of my friends have downloaded the game.. stupid "friends." i hope they get pistol-whipped

122 | xeno says:

let this be a warning to those leaked halo2. you will pay, and you will pay dearly!

123 | josh says:

just say no when a pirate says argg!

124 | AllMighty Castrator says:

If it doesnt happen by the time i get to him that stupid frog pirate i will cut of his genitals with a blunt/rusted steak knife

125 | CABOOSE RULEZ says:

yea! Lets do it!!!kick all piracy in the @ss

126 | EAT BABIEZ says:


and if we cant do that just own
em on live

127 | Hunter Killer says:


128 | Bob says:

YEAh down with the pirates aye mates!

129 | unkown says:

well gay's to tell u the true i got halo 2 the "BOOTLEG" copy of the game and it play like the real game but in just in a different language but it still real good and i beat the game like two week ago it was so cool well bye bye ..............................................

130 | THEMAN says:

PIRATES SUCK!!! KILL THEM ALL!!!! no seriously, great idea :D

131 | Shonen Gamer says:

Count me in. I almost downloaded a HCE off a website that is good, but with links to cracks for it. I decied to not download it and pay for it. The web site is good it just has links to crack sites.

132 | Archaos46 says:

sum1 has put it on Bit Torrent apparently, dunno who, can someone find out and report them.

133 | Ghost says:

Count me in, down with pirates!

134 | Sparticus says:

anyone know where to turn people in who bought the pirate version?

135 | CaptainPirate says:

pirating is fun. Everyone should do it. And then when your done you have to yell out arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

136 | Skull86 says:

Pirates suck all of them should be locked up in prison. Down with the pirates.

137 | Archaos46 says:

In reply to #141

Read the article at the top, it has the email address and phone number of where to send information about piraters.

138 | Inferno says:


anyway, i hate pirates. die die die die die pirates

im in 100%

evil people...must destroy...

139 | Inferno says:

haha just traced a pirate down GOT HIM HE WAS DOWNLOADING HALO 2



140 | Raziel44 says:

Mess with the best, die like the rest. I am in.

141 | Demian Fox says:

I am the manager of a Halo RPG site so I'll post that banner up and make sure my sites Piracy free. Besides foxes have to stick together. *wink*

142 | sixteenthgold says:

im in but nobody will ever read this!!!!

143 | Silent Chaos says:

Its going on are site 100%

144 | Mr Garcia says:

Sixteenth gold is a pessimist.

145 | (SX)GRIM says:


146 | (SX)GRIM says:

lets get them

147 | Lacrimosa says:

Yeah! Die Jack Sparrow!!

And those dirty game stealers too >:\

148 | Kila 'Kanamee says:


149 | SUP says:

SUP SUCK UP PRIVACY! people do it every day.. millions and millions with music. People dont give a sheit. And people dont want a DAMN FRENCH COPY!

150 | what says:

You blue-blooded capitalists make me sick. You grease drenched, lard covered hambeasts won't be sweatin' it to the oldies anymore when the proleteriat shows up at your door.

151 | nutty professor says:

he's right

152 | nutty professor says:

die you sons'of a b@#$

153 | the king of halo says:

some one i need a callenge nobody can beat me in my own game

154 | freddy says:

i love piracy, i got all 75 xbox games through torrents :)


155 | mj 101 says:

u lot r such a bunch of geeks.

any way...

dont u get it? Any thing put out . e.g. gams will be pirated and sent out for free.

Any ways. those bungie guys should be glad. This way more people r getting to enjoy there work.

(no offense, but u must be idiots if u didnt work that out)

156 | SIGMA says:

I think piracy sucks.Anybody who uses it should set up a server and use it against each other.Not on servers were people like us play.

157 | eyed puppet says:

i thank that is gay

158 | Killer Bee says:

Yup :D 100% support

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