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Being Bald just got Better { NEW CONTEST! } | mrsmiley { November 07, 2004 }

Just admit it. We all love Frankie. He has brought joy into our lives from the moment he was kidnapped from OXM, thrown in an over-sized potato sack, and transported to Bungie by Pelican. As we all know, Halo 2 is now a mere 3 days away. Put those 2 facts together, and you have a kick-ass contest! (I swear...) So how could I possibly combine both our love for Frankie and Halo 2 into a contest? Easy...

Thanks, BOLL!

The 2004 Bungie Baldathon!

Ok, here's the deal. This contest is designed for H4RDC0R3 H41O F4N5! Wimpy little wannabes need not apply! This contest requires almost as much sacrifice as it does stupidi- I mean creativity! Think for a second... what is one of Frankie's most defining features? I mean, aside from his chiseled abs, tight ass, and winning smile...

... give up?

Frank O'Connor is BALD! He has been ever since he started losing hair in the 3rd grade. But enough about Frankie, and more about the contest!

How do I enter?

Simple. You and/or a bunch of your friends need to:
  • 1, Shave your head(s). I'm talking Bic(tm) that sucker! NO hair = OK entry!
  • 2. Take a picture (or multiple pictures) of you (and your friends, if you have any) doing 2 things: Giving tribute to Frankie, and representing how stoked you are about Halo 2!
  • 3. E-mail said picture(s) to by midnight on Novemeber 12th (this Friday night).
  • 4. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FORUM USERNAME, and if you want, a brief discription of the picture.
  • What will I win?

    If you come in first place, you will win:
  • 1 Halo 2 Calendar
  • 1 Limited Edition Halo 2 Official Xbox Magazine from this year's E3
  • 1 Halo Babies T-shirt
  • 1 Uber-cool Halo 2 sticker! (And possibly some cool Bungie stickers, if I can find them...)
  • Frankie's home address and cell phone number for exclusive stalking privileges!
  • If you are a runner-up, you will win:

  • 1 Halo Babies T-Shirt

  • Uber-cool Halo 2 sticker!
  • Keep in mind, that the mag and calendar are not things you can get FOR FREE from anywhere. They are rare items, and I want some good submissions, dammit! =)

    Additional Info

    In honor of this contest, I am currently bald as well. However, my pic is not even close to a winning picture, so you can use that as an example of what NOT to do! (If you are wondering, my computer is in my younger bro's room right now... hence the clouds! ;) )

    If you have any additional questions about the contest, please post them in this forum thread!

    *NOTE: This post probably looks all wierd if you are running FireFox/Mozzila. Oh well, that's your fault! ;P

55 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | BOLL says:

Hey, his right hand is screwed up! Suckzor!11

2 | Stuntmutt says:

Second post!

3 | Pvt. Tucker says:

Third post!

4 | mrsmiley says:

Who cares? (4th post!)

5 | Zero says:

Hmmmm....*Thinks about it*

6 | Gruntsbane says:

Sixth post! Wait...what?

7 | Polarbear says:

Hey, Mr. S, you forgot the eyebrows! :)
So that is an actual portrait of yourself..have you been on TV? You look vaguely familiar..

8 | Canadian_sniper_god says:

*gasp!* I couldn't think of shaving my long hair! But the prizes and challenge sounds fun... What to do...

9 | whencowzattack says:


if the prizes included an xbox with special edition halo 2 i would do that.

10 | akba says:

That drawing is much better than your picture of me BOLL, Grade F- work!

And sorry, but, this head no shave.

11 | TheComet says:

whoah....that's a little too hardcore lol. I don't think you'll get that many people sending stuff in, besides those who are bald in the first place :P

12 | Foxhound says:

Hey i was bald... 3 months ago.

13 | mrsmiley says:

Well Polar, I've been online a few times via video (my fanfest documentary) and some pictures from random events...

14 | Spartan 067 says:

I'm a girl and I'll shave my head when hell freezes over!

15 | Fritz Mendoza says:

Time to grab the 'ole razor and head over to my friend's house... maybe I can catch him while he's still asleep ;)

16 | madman552 says:

this guys a moron!who would want to shave their heads!?i woudnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 | The_Eliminator says:

I'd shave... really I would. I'm just too lazy.

18 | Swedishmartin says:

I don't wanna win anything you rub against your cheeks. O_o

19 | Grzesik says:

ok I'm done shaving. Now to come up with a picture.

20 | Spartan 050 says:

Dude!whay the hell would i do that!not even for halo2 and all the halo and current halo2 figures!Well,back to REACH!and b4 i go..y would n e 1 do that?i mean c'mon!plus my hair is too pretty!Spartan050 out.

21 | Spartan 050 says:

oh forgot to say 20th post!(now its the 21st!^_^!)

22 | HALOmike says:


23 | Digikid says:

I would shave my head BUT my workplace would probably fire me. Good luck to the winnahs!!!!!!

24 | Spartan86 says:

darnit!!!!!!!! i cant find my shaver!!!!! 23 post

25 | Hunter Killer says:

Might I suggest not too many people are stoked about SHAVING!? 24th post, btw

26 | Falcon says:

Uhhh...no. I would rather keep my hair, thank you very much! The prizes, I admit, are cool, but I think that I'll pass... Although I could use a haircut! ;)

27 | mrsmiley says:

Enough with announcing your post. As you may have figured out, this is only for HARDCORE FANS of Halo. I shaved my head in 2 seconds, it was very easy. :)

28 | Eibe 'Niquaree says:

im kinda lost for words... BUT that Limited Edition Halo 2 game sounds cool... hmmm... can i enter my bro? He's in the army and they shaved HIS head... I mean... I kinda like my new hairdo ;D

29 | violence says:

Hey mr. smiley why the hell to you have a spongebob poster on the wall?

30 | evl guinea pig says:

yay! 30th post! and on that note, mrsmiley, you must have balls to do that. or at least be incredibly stupid

31 | Spartan-287 says:

As big a halo fan as I am, I don't think shaving my head is the right way to express it. Cutting school to pick up my preordered copy, now THERES an idea.

32 | mrsmiley says:

In response to violence, READ THE NEWS POST. In response to Spartan-287, it's not about shaving your head, that is only half. The rest is somehow showing your support for Halo 2 in the picture!

33 | whencowzattack says:

actually, i was going to do this - if it included an xbox. so all of you, stop calling mrsmiley a dumbass and the like, he owns you and is a genious. and enough with the "OH 30TH POST!" gayness.

34 | Falcon says:

I have to see Cortana bald! Now that would be AWESOME!

35 | Lt. McMuffin says:

But my hair is so soft and warm and its winter

36 | Xcalibur says:

Ill enter, lets see if i'll win..

37 | Lt. McMuffin says:

Why does mister chief have two left hands?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

38 | Falcon says:

Wow, I didn't notice that! I'm not sure, Lt. McMuffin. Maybe it's just a mis-drawing; an accident in other words. Hmmm...

39 | Lt. McMuffin says:

Thats what i meant an accident i just though it looked funny (36TH POST W00T)

40 | Ryley217 says:

I like the t-shirt I really like the t-shirt. I couldn't bring myself to shave my head concidering I dyed my hair blue not to long ago, well it's kinda green at the moment.Hummm maybe my bro would do it, ha lol. You guys should sell the t-shirts at bungiestore they look awe-some!!!!!

41 | Halo Fangirl says:

I hate my hair it's too delicate and I have to strengthen it every day then complain about the split ends and bronken tips.Sometimes I wish I could shave it all off!! But now that I think about it.....No that simply can't do on a girl,but it's not going to happen. plus I've got it cut Cortana stlye now that's fan girl hardcore :P my bro just got his head shaved but he's an anti-halo punk -_-

42 | Yoozel says:

Hm... I think shaving one's head is a lot for some exclusive stuff... Do we win if we shave our entire body?

43 | brute says:

i think smiley just pwned everyone that didn't shave their heads bald...

44 | bentllama says:

i shave mine right down to the wood. frankie is my brother.
bald rules.

45 | Steve says:

Q. "Hey mr. smiley why the hell to you have a spongebob poster on the wall?"

A. 'Cause he's gay

Q. "you must have balls to do that. or at least be incredibly stupid"

A. Incredibly stupid/no pride/balls are already shaved, might as well shave the rest.

Q. Am i an A-hole?

A. Yes, and also his brother

46 | -_- are you seroius says:

u do realize he already said he was in his little brother's room.... thus explaining the poster

47 | elitesniper says:

then i guess it's either you or smiley that gets everything

48 | lolz says:

Nobodys going to shave bald for a a friggin calender,a sticker wow!, omg a magizing! and a t-shirt that has people with neuf guns that can kill...jesuz

49 | Monkeydumbass says:

I Think that the shaving idea is cool.if u would actully do it damit. I WAS going to enter-but Then it said "halo Magazine" I thought it was the speacial editoin halo 2 GAME. I'm a dumbass. like usual. +_+. yay.49th post. wahoo........... (dam!)

50 | wort wort wort says:

50th post

51 | ansomble28 says:

I just got my hair cut and it's NEARLY bald but not quite. Oh well, looks like THAT aint happenin'! LOL
51st post suckers!!!

52 | the canadian says:

the hell! i got a head that squeeks! not kidding people. damn you all and your posts

53 | Da Shadows says:

my friend is bald, oh yeah, 53rd post!

54 | master_chiefette says:

Yups, skipping through old junk. Hell; had I known about HBN back then, I'D have shaved my head. ^^

55 | sonny says:

0500 hours, february 12,2535 (Military Calendar)/Lambda serpentis system, Jericho VII theater of Operations
Contact.All teams stand by: enemy contact, my position.Machines break.Eyes don't four of us and a thousand of them? piss-poor odds for the little guys blue-two i want you up with those jackhammer launchers.Take out the canons and soften the rest of them.Blue-three and five, you follow me up- we're on crowd control. on my mark.Mark! in bound covenate air support, blue-four reported over the COM link.ETA is two minutes, chief.Roger that, blue-three and five:maintain fire for five secconds, then fall back.Mark! welcome mat is laid out , chief.


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