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HBN in Halo 2's credits! | mrsmiley { November 10, 2004 }

I just received an e-mail from ripper714, informing me that this site made it into Halo 2's credits at the end of the game! I have not confirmed this, since I have yet to beat the game yet (damn legendary!), but apparently there were a bunch of fan sites listed at the end. Pretty sweet! No wonder we got over 10,000 hits yesterday! ;P

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1 | madman552 says:

your right!damn legendary!

2 | madman552 says:

good luck on the game though

3 | elitesniper says:

i would be par tof those hits but i couldn't be:'-(

4 | Locust says:

Just found this site from the Halo2 credits. Yes it's in there under Community

5 | BlinX says:

gj HB, couldn't have thought of a better thing to give you mad props!

6 | Polarbear says:

Man, what a way to gain online Immortality!!
Damn Legendary? Yipe! I haven't finished it on Easy yet! (But then, I've played maybe 2.5 hours..and too busy enjoying the scenery :) )

7 | gruntsbane says:

yeah, it's there. I was so honored, what an awesome way to end the game :)

8 | Sh4dowSn1p3r says:

yea me too

9 | Normal Phobic says:

Wow! That is awsome! I know how u fell cause I got my site listed on HBO, Yea I know it is not as great but it's a start..... Do u think I should try Legendary first!? Please replie some1

10 | Eibe 'Niquaree says:

DUDE! That's awesome! Of course, I haven't even played the game yet (sigh... the disadvantages of living in China) but I'll take your word for it! :D GO HALO BABIES!!!

tenth post (although I don't really know why I care... oops.. talking to myself again!:D)

11 | HALO4U says:

o, maybe my site is in their too. I doubt it tho, geocities is really holding me back. I cannot wait till the domain name!!
good job smiley!

12 | Junpei says:

I noticed this too, I was gonna post it. But the forums were down...

13 | TheGrunt1000 says:

I played it 2wice and saw it both times KEWL!!! IM A PINK ELITE WITH A ENERGY SWORD fear me!!!! muahahaha!!!! ON halo 2 That's it!?!?!?!?!?

14 | lue natic says:

i have a geocities site but i got a nice thing goin, it is the "dot tk" thing there is a link on www.anime-home.tk cudos to you guys and making it!

15 | Jaxx says:

Congrat's guys.

16 | Little_Nikky says:

Good Work HB for getting into the credits

17 | Menace says:

I was going to say something but I thought you guys knew, lol

18 | Cy (aka TheGrunt1000) says:

doesnt any body kow how to fear a PINK elite with an energy sword named cy?!?!!?!?!? any wayz anybody got any tips or tricks on how to beat the game on heroic? anybody? speak to me peoples!!!
great job u guys! (halo babies)NiCe.

19 | Xerro says:

Hey i watched the making of halo 2 on the special edition copy of halo 2 and i noticed that one of the people who got to play around on xbox live before the rest of us was named Mr. Smiley. Any chance that was you Smiley?

20 | Spec.Op.Elite says:

i have yet to prove this as well, because i dont even have an xbox - let alone halo 2. but way to make our name famous Mr. Smiley!

21 | mrsmiley says:

Yes, Xerro, that was me. =)

22 | Crazy Fox 15 says:

Just beat the game yesterday and saw HBN in there. Sweet!

23 | TheComet says:

the list is basically HBN and all the affilates :P
I'm busy working my way through legendary, about a fourth of the way through.

24 | vinnygoonboy says:

yo i just beat da game but the ending sucked ,i like halo 1 better

25 | the canadian says:

hell, i got to wait till PC comes out (damn you x-box) till then good job. whats with the elite who gets to be the 'arbite' or whatev...

26 | brute killER!? says:

man halo 2, im done wit it, crap it im gonna kick those flood!!!!

27 | mastergrunt :D says:

i think theres gunna be a halo 3..cuz at the end they kept ya hangin :/

28 | masterchief says:

i beat the game in 4 days but halo 3 will be on xbox 2 next year sais gameinformer

29 | nick says:

hey everyone, after beating halo 2 on legendary does it now unlock anything crazy except that little vid clip after the credits????????????????????????

30 | cheeks says:

that little clip after the credits is their after beating the game on any setting, not just legendary.

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