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Halo Babies is Live! | mrsmiley { November 14, 2004 }

Just wanted to let everyone know that I just created the official Halo Babies Halo 2 clan online! If you would like to become a member, please e-mail me your forum user name and your gamertag, and I will send you an invite! More info to come as far as organized stuff goes. For now, I just wanna see who all is in! :)

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1 | Ripper 714 says:

I'll probably join.


2 | Ryley217 says:

when I get XBL now I know which clan I'm gonna join for sure=^.^=

3 | Pvt. Tucker says:

I'm in!

4 | Spec.Op.Elite says:

ill be happy to join as soon as i get an xbox and halo 2. i just need to get used to the controls... after that ill be a good player.

5 | red elite says:

i only hAve 2 more levels before i finish halo2

6 | Serge_THE_GREAT says:

I sent you an e-mail, I hope to join soon and have alot of fun with you all. I am a decent player at Halo 2, I make my own custom games and me and my friends enjoy them a little. Well, see you later. This is a great idea by the way.

7 | Ringostar13 says:

were do i sign