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Art that Sparks! | mrsmiley { November 22, 2004 }

In the last week or so I have received some excellent Halo Babies fan art via e-mail, and now is the time to share with the other 17 people who visit this site! A new strip, a new desktop, and maybe a surprise...

Sparkie Plug
In a gaming world that is dominated by men, it is refreshing to see a girl getting all the attention. Such is the case with long-time forum goer, Sparkie! She has been dazzling us with sporatic Halo Babies art submissions for the last year or so, but she pulled out all the stops for today's update! Aside from an awesome new fan strip, Sparkie has 4 new pieces of fan art that you have gotta check out! On pic contains the coolest representation of a female elite I have seen! (No, she's not naked. Eeewww...) Expect more from Sparkie in the near future!

Adding Depth to your Desktop
What is that? Another new 3-D Halo Babies desktop by nrek? But of course!

Thanks for reading!
If you are one of those "fans" that isn't at all interested in the cool stuff going on with our local artists, and who only swings by on Fridays for the strip update, then you probably aren't reading this. However, if you are reading this, you get the joy of accessing a brand new official avatar featuring the Halo 2 baby chief! Only available from this news post!


*For those that are wondering, our forum art features have been moved to tomorrow! Thanks for waiting! :)

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1 | MechaRaum says:

yay! First post!

2 | Ripper 714 says:

Dang! That fan-art stuff by Sparkie is awesome!

Sorry for the double post.

3 | blinxhunter says:

Cooooooooooo huuh oooooooooool!!!
awesome avatar and cool pics Sparkie ^_^

4 | elitesniper says:

nioce, but man, i wish i could post that on the forum right now

5 | Get it off! says:

Sparkie has amazing Talent. Nice job eh.

Er.. anyone notice... I think the forum has been hacked... the time is.... 6:58 PM.

6 | BigMC says:

Thank god halo 2 is out, im now a strong HGAP supportor

7 | jacob says:

hurry up and come out with a halo move !!!

8 | jacob says:

WOW y cant they make like real master chief suits and are like metal to play paint ball in , the whould be the best! if they come out with one for less than 100$ THEN GIVE ME A CALL at (1-239) 283-8975

9 | The Arbiter says:

Why doesnt the halo incident really happen like I could go into space and use a sniper cause im good with them in the game in halo 2 man that would b fun execpt you have split lips running after you

10 | Master Chick says:

How do faggots expect kids to watch this crap?!?!?! This is slander to Halo!

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