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Fan Feature Crazy! | mrsmiley { November 23, 2004 }

The Fan Gallery has been absolutely off the hook as of late with tons of great art submissions! I don't know how you guys are pulling yourselves away from Halo 2 to draw, but keep at it! Tons of featured art inside!

Fan Artwork

  • 2phast
    MC Flood { comment } Suck it, Gravemind!
    Amber Clad { comment } Another moving piece in Halo 2's New Mombasa.

  • Compassghost
    Hippo Shells { comment } Awesome rendering of Halo's exclusive "Hippo Shotguns".

  • Ryley217
    Master Chief vs. Gold Elite { comment } Very well-done B&W picture with a cool perspective.
    Elite Trio { comment } Full-color chibi elites!

  • Spec.Op.Elite
    MC Hanging { comment } Let's hope the MC doesn't miss with his SMG...

  • MSBartist
    Grunt Sex? { comment } Don't worry, it's not what you think - very funny!
  • Fan Desktop
    New member, rebeljon, has shown some good editing skillz. He used a pre-made explosion pic, made some modifications, and BAM! 343 Guilty Spark Pwning Earth. (1600x1149) { comment }

    Fan Strips
    We have had an unusual ammount of great Halo fan strips in our forums as of late! They are definitly worth a look! Here are a couple that stand out to me:

  • zero
    Halo 2 Ending { comment }

  • blinxhunter
    LAN Party #1 { comment }

  • 2phast

  • Chief's New Armor { comment }
  • Don't forget to check out Ryley217's latest installment of his "What to do with the monitor" series in our fan strip section!

    Finally, I thought I should feature a couple exceptional "Works in Progress".

  • Grunt_monkey
    Chibi Brute { comment } A great start to a "babyfied" Brute!

  • Vendau
    2 Spartans in a Hog { comment } Looks like the star of a great desktop!

  • zero
    Mourning Chief { comment } Wow. Just wow.
  • Well? I told you it would be big! We have some real talent on this site, keep it up!

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1 | canadian_sniper_god says:

I made a strip too. Oh well, guess no one noticed.

2 | Spec.Op.Elite says:

um... sorry... but that MC Hangin picture was by me and not MSBartist. you can check the forums... its called "if that flood doesnt let go..."

3 | mrsmiley says:

Um... that would be why it's under your name...

4 | TheComet says:

Oi, I need to sharpen my flash skills blade so I can make some great art...TO THE DRAWIN-er, keyboard!

5 | Kanamee says:

some awesome artworks going on here. Keep up the good stuff people!

6 | Spec Ops Elite says:

Wow. that was a VERY nice batch of strips. That is very wierd. you can do Spec.Op.Elite even though I made the name up with out the full stops. How do u send in fan art?

7 | Vertigo Elite says:

um...im lost...and new

8 | qwertyuiop says:

um...is this runescape?

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