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Grunt Brigade is Back! | mrsmiley { November 28, 2004 }

And looking better than ever! The old site design was scrapped, and a new, much simpler one, is up now up and running (some links still don't work, though) along with an awesome new strip! It looks like Justin may be going more serious with these, and it's a great start!

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1 | Justin says:

Wewt! I got bored, and got a lot of ideas, and decided to give the strip a comeback. I was working on Mister Chief's Mayo 2 before, but my lead programmer kept his work on his hard drive and hermited himself from me. I doubt he'll release it. Bastard. So sorry about the downtime. JOIN MY FORUMS!

2 | Ripper 714 says:

Awww....I liked the old ones...Why aren't they still there?

Hehe, I like the 'box' shoes.

3 | Falcon says:

Now, that is cool! I checked out their first new strip, "Assault" and it was pretty cool! Looking forward to the next Grunt Brigade Comics!

4 | Justin says:

Oy. Finished the new strip. I won't release but one a week though. ^_^ Gives more time for ideas.

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