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Fan Art - Now Comes with a Movie! | mrsmiley { November 30, 2004 }

We have the usual large batch of fan art features to check out today. However, different from most days, we have a superb Halo 2 video this week! Come in and check out all the cool artsy goodness!

Gallery Art

  • Grunt_monkey
    Chibi Brute { comment } I didn't know Brutes could be so cUtE!

  • Super Grunt
    Punisher Grunt { comment } Cool artwork, crappy picture.

  • 2phast
    Grunt Mech { comment } Now that's a scary grunt.
    MC Mech { comment } Robocop or MC? You decide.

  • zero
    Always Time for Halo { comment } w00t! Master Chief!
  • Sketchbook Art

  • MSBartist
    Grunty X-Mas { comment } Have a grunty Christmas!

  • Red8ball
    Elite { comment } Cool elite sketch.
  • Halo Fan Strips

  • 2phast
    The Chief's Newest Weapon! { comment } I want that for Christmas!

  • canadian_sniper_god
    Preparing for War { comment } A good start to what looks to be a detailed adventure strip!

  • zero
    A Rare Moment in MC's Life { comment } Well when you gotta go...
  • New Movie!
    One of our best forum artists, zero, decided to try his hand at film editing, and he did a great job! This vid pieces together a bunch of Halo 2's gorgeous cinematics to form a solid experience that is definitly worth the download!


  • "Orchestrated Chaos" by zero
    Windows Media | 43.5MB
    MPEG | 46.9MB

    That's all for this week! Thanks, guys!

23 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | pinkelite says:

wow 1st comment! great mvie...but i cant install it ! ohh well
i recognize every part of it!!

2 | Kanamee says:

Wow. It always amazes me how many brilliant artists there are on here! Keep it up guys!

3 | Combire says:


4 | Sparkie says:

LMFAO! Man some of those were funny. I actually have a piece of art starring *GASP* Mr Smiley and Gruntsbane!!! Yay for the Mugshots thread...:D

5 | Random Elite says:

That should be MCs next set of armour in Halo3!
How about one for the Elites?

6 | Xander says:

good job guys sums the game up quite nicely.

7 | TheComet says:

aw snap I was hoping my "Elite Encounter" would make it to a feature :/ (it's in the gallery thread)
Anyways, great art, love the mechs!

8 | Ripper 714 says:

The Comet,
Lol, my guest comic hasn't come up either. Maybe he's saving ours for a special occasion.

I like ROBOCHIEF. (Robocop Chief) That's a cool design.


9 | Junpei says:

Those are some great images. 2Phast should be doing a comic series!

Sweet 9th comic! But I bet nobody cares ;)

10 | Ryley217 says:

Amazing! I like it. I found some of the shots a little dark though. I wish I could make my own movie but I don't know how. Awe-some work!

11 | Fergler says:

nice job!

12 | kinggun says:

cant see the movie but the sound track is great what song and albulm is it from, can you send it to my email address thankyou

13 | liquid plasma says:

I liked the movie but wish it was in Quicktime not WM... anyone know how to do that?

That would be cool if you could do that for us Quicktimers

14 | Falcon says:

The "Rare moment in MC's life" comic makes me smile! How does he open up his Spartan suit anyway? ;)

Great Fan art guys! Keep it up!

15 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:


16 | Master Cheif says:

where did the music come from on the vid? can u send it to me please. the vids ace. i really need to make onemyself but whoever made the vid needs to make more. Good Work ;)

17 | Morpheus says:

What if u made 1 for the 1st Halo? Huh? Huh? heheheheh.... good mov btw 2 MUCH SPACE!!!!!!!!1

18 | covanent monstrosity says:

Sick, man sick and funny, but try to make it about 17 mb and vbr(variable bit rate) with windows movie maker! peace

19 | kendall richards says:

dude that was so slammin i wish i good do something that good and beat the game peace man

20 | cheif cotapowy says:

nice movie man i know kendall richards hey can you send me the music you used it was cool send it to me please

21 | kinggun says:

hello same as the person above thank you

22 | turdman says:

nice grunt!!!

23 | Time For A 187 says:

hey whats up me nothing just playing halo online ripping up all your that don't no how to play so don't play me or your in for the fight of your life

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