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Gruntsbane And mrsmiley Get "Chibified!" | mrsmiley { December 06, 2004 }

That is just a couple of the great fan art submissions that are inside this update! Read on for more!

I apologize that this update is later than usual. When I got home yesterday (late) night, I found that for some reason I had no electricity in my room! It was too late to fix the problem then, but now it is. So... um... on with the update!

Gallery Art

  • Banshee 105
    MSP Master Chief { comment } A well done MSP version of the classic MC pose.

  • MechaRaum
    Elite with Nade { comment } A cool MSP picture with a fun style of artwork.

  • zero
    Red Cell-Shaded Elite { comment } Wouldn't expect anything less from zero!

  • Grunt_monkey
    Chibi Elite with Plasma Pistol { comment } I almost missed this! Grunt_monkey has some really cute art!

    Sketchbook Art
    We have some really cool WIP pieces this week - I can't wait till these are all finished!

  • v2
    MC and The Arbiter in The Last Stand { comment } Absolutely gorgeous start from a promising new artist!

  • nrek
    Master Chief Standing Flag { comment } nrek dazzles with some art outside of a 3-D program! Check out akba's sneak peak of his current vectoring project based off nrek's submission!

  • Jaxx
    Work in Progress { comment } Jaxx is back! Need I say more?
  • 2phast's MSP Graphic Novel!
    You have to check out this guy's new graphic Halo Novel! It's called Covenant Child and there are currently 6 episodes up! 2 phast writes:

    "It follows the story of a lone Covenant Elite who dreams of becoming a great warrior. He is also the son of a familiar character from the Halo novel, The Flood. This is going to be a real deep and cinematic experience and I hope you guys like it!"

    If you don't think anything cool can be done with MSP, click here to view the title episode and be proven wrong!

    Gruntbane and mrsmiley Aren't Babies...
    But Sparkie did a great job with our Halo Babies caricatures! You can view these, as well as more stuff from Sparkie, in our Fan Gallery

12 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | sparkie says:

w00t! First post!

Wow some of that other stuff is pretty dang good. Hey smiley did Gruntsbane like his caricarture?

2 | Necromas says:

wow, the chibi elite with plasma pistol is good :) so is the work in progress :)

3 | the canadian says:

hmm, the arbiter/MC is kickass, im a very good artists (pencil only) and can draw well, i like it, so damn clean! need scanner to work

4 | MechaRaum says:

lol you mis-spelled my name Mr Smiley ;) don't worry it's fine. Wow freat art!

5 | Huki 'Unamee says:

Hey. How come I can't view or download the Covenant Child thing.... That Mc&Arbiter pic was realy awsome, Heck they all were! I love Jaxx's art, espesialy the Elites!

6 | the canadian says:

yeah, covie child is sounding cool (im writing a story to, set in halo future) cant download

7 | mrsmiley says:

There is nothing to download in this update, I dunno what people are talking about!

8 | canadian_sniper_god says:

If you mean where you can save the image, just go to Fan Strips in the forum and find 2phasts thread. 2phasts work is really amazing. I'm trying to see if I can top it with my "Journey to the covenant homeworld" series. So far, it's under-aprechiated...

9 | daniel says:

shut up asshole

10 | Sheikurl says:

wen is de mc and arbiters last stand gona be finishd cos its briliant. by the way the computer drawn pictures were crap, but its probably because its no december 3 2005 so its probably because the recent updates have been brilliant

11 | binoko says:

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12 | Asina says:

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