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Fan Art, Finally! | mrsmiley { January 07, 2005 }

Sorry for the lack up fan art updates the past couple weeks. The holiday season was very busy for me! I'm doing this one today, cuz I didn't do it Monday. Lots of good stuff this week, check it out!

*All this artwork and more can be viewed and submitted in our Forum.

Gallery Art
It is getting tougher and tougher to choose features nowadays; there is so much great art! Just so all of you guys know, I am really narrowing the number of selections I feature. No offense meant to beginning artists, but I just don't want to post 10 features at once anymore! =) I will probably limit each update to about 5 gallery features, unless there is more than 5 really good pics.

  • fairlyodd
    "Halo" { comment } Cool pose, and great perspective in this colored pencil pic of the MC.

  • Ryley217
    "Animal Marines" { comment } Suprisingly cool furry drawings of Halo marines.

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Random Elite" { comment } Gm shows that she can draw well without going chibi

  • JacksDeformity
    "MC with Rocket" { comment } A stunning B&W by a worthy newcomer

  • 2phast
    "Sgt. Avery Johnson { comment } What update would be complete without something cool from 2phast?
  • Sketchbook Art
    There is always cool stuff brewing in our sketchbook. Much of it eventually turns into a Gallery feature, but either way, I like to point out some cool works in progress!

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Chibi Covenants" { comment } Four different chibi covies... great art, and SO cute!

  • Mr. Elite
    "Why Grunts Don't Fish" { comment } Very funny!

  • JacksDeformity
    "My Elite" { comment } [WARNING: Large Filesize] I hope this one gets finished!

  • MSBartist
    "Grunt Ghost-Writer Sketch" { comment } This could turn out to be one awesome, and hilarious pic!

  • nrek
    You really have to view the whole thread to see all of his work, but here is a quick example of nrek's usual 3-D prowess. It's good to have him back, uh... rendering again!
  • Fan Strips
    We really have some talent in this forum for graphic novels! 3 of these have been updated with new episodes, so check them all out!

  • Covenant Child by 2phast

  • Journey to the Covenant Homeworld by canadian_sniper_god

  • Real Halo: Season 2 by MechaRaum
  • That's all for this week, we'll have some different things for this Monday, since we probably won't have enough art to feature. Swing by again then! =)

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1 | MechaRaum says:

It is amazing on how many great artist there are on this site! Great job guys!

2 | Arrow says:

LOL I like the chibi ones and the 'Why grunts dont fish' pic. Thank you to all the artists and comic writers out there for making such great Halo Tributes/Spoofs!

3 | wort wort wort says:

woot 3rd post

4 | saentis says:

w00teh w00teh 4th post

5 | Master Chief says:

I love the pictures!!! I love to draw them!!!!!!!!!!

6 | s.g.a.t says:

lol,u morons the grunt fishin is probably true

7 | spazz says:

this is weet people it is also healarouis. (ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah)

8 | Red_elite4132 says:

My elite SUCKS man it's stupid God! it looks like sumthin' from dragonball Z it sucks!

9 | HALO2_MASTER says:

hey can u help me on how to draw halo2 send me an email to or

10 | Dark dragon says:

halo is a cool game but my frien game there somthing wrong whit it it's got al gants of mistac's but is stil a cool game
ps: if you master chief ore elite luke supid i can help you whit the colers my e-mail is

11 | J sizzle says:

Dude, Uh forgot what i was going to say....

12 | dragonslayer says:

do you guys have myspace

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