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Leyk, Keyes, Staten... OH MY! | mrsmiley { March 16, 2005 }

We have a very packed out art update for you guys today. Some things to look forward to inside, a new forum series, a bunch of other comic strips, a totally hot pic of Ms. Keyes, and the best damn MSPaint works you will ever see. Period. Oh, and did I mention Joseph Staten as a sexy grunt?


Yes. The above picture was done completely in Microsoft Paint. Every once and a while a new artist appears at Halo Babies that wows all our members with their incredible artistic talent. This is "KloHunt3r." He does in MSPaint what most people have trouble doing in PhotoShop; he creates 3D realistic Halo artwork. For those that may remember, 2phast lead the "MSP Revolution" in this forum a while ago with some of his incredible works. Several other fairly good MSP artists rose up after, but KloHunt3r has beat them to the punch! This stuff has to be seen to be believed!

*images in .png are not directly linked, but rather are linked to the forum post containing the pic. this is because a direct link usually requires a download rather than opening in-browser.*

"Fight or Die"
"Up Close and Less Personal"
"Grunty Hunger"

Ok... after you pick your jaws up from the floor, we can move on to the main part of the update! (So your jaw can fall back again...)

Gallery Art

So... Much... Art...

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Tiger Spartan" { comment } Totally cool MC anthro.

  • MechaRaum
    "Real Halo Preview" A cool looking character from his upcoming strip update.

  • Master Chef
    "Master Chief Pwned" { comment } Shocking pic... but cool style!

  • DemonSpawn77
    "MSP Shading" Another crack at shading with MSP.

  • MookieRah
    "Frucker" { comment } Don't let the name fool you. Totally cool FF piece!

  • Sparkie
    "Sexy Joe" { comment } I really hope he sees this. =P

  • Dirge
    "Anthro Wolf MC" { comment } Another cool anthro pic!

  • ElKabong
    "Sick of ReaBreather" { comment } He may be a little old looking, but a cool no-helmet pic!
  • Sketchbook Art

    We have 3 features from some of our best artists in the sketchbook this week. Enjoy!

  • HumanShield
    "Miranda" { comment } She was never this hot in the actual game!

  • Etoli
    "Shooting Lessons" { comment } Beautiful pic of a father and son Elite. Awesome.

  • Jaxx
    "Dre'al" comment } Ok, this WAS a work in progress! Check out the finished pic! Usual Leyk greatness.
  • Halo Fan Strips

    Forum Series *updated this week*

  • NEW SERIES! The Midnight Flare Chronicles: I just made this a forum series. It is funny, and well-made with a unique style. I hear a new strip is coming soon!
  • Featured

  • Invader Halo #1 An Invader Zim/Halo hybrid comic?!? And it's actually good!?!? SWEET!

  • Matta Chief vs. Gold 2 Woah, an animated comic using action figures! Well done, and quite funny!
  • That's all folks! (As if that wasn't that much. I hope you guys remembered to keep a towel handy to wipe up the drool!)

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1 | Zareus says:

Everything here is so cool >.<

Great job every1

2 | Murph MacManus says:

Wow, I am really impressed by all the art here. I especially love the piece by Jaxx. Her work takes my breath away. I am also extremely impressed that the first comment didn't include the phrase "w00t! 1st Post!!" in it...

3 | A not so random mad halo fan says:

3rd post w00t!(sorry,really had to)

4 | Sabata00 says:

3rd! and those are sooo good!

5 | Master Chef says:

Super. Cool.

6 | kaizer bun says:


7 | evilguineapig says:

that stuff is pretty sweet, how long did it take you guys? I did a peice like these, and I kept having to save it and copy it, to save me from starting over.

8 | Dirge says:

hey hey hey, awesome art everyone ^^

9 | HaloFighter92 says:

Miranda's HOT.

10 | Sparkie says:

KloHunter is da bomb wit paint!!! WOOOO *drools over awsome MSP stuffs*

11 | mooching sack of death says:

oohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy gaawwwwwdddd *starts eating computer* why can't i do msp like that

12 | l-lalo Live and Reloaded says:

You know... it doesn't matter what post you are, it matters how cool the pic is and what you say.

13 | RedRaptor says:

Seen most of it, but some is new. I wish I had MSP skillz like that...heck, any art skillz would be nice! I'm guessing mooching sack of death likes computer chips, lol.

14 | Vampyric Turialim says:

WOOT, Im on 'ere...

Daaaaamn, I wish I could draw like that, but I can only draw in Manga, I think I'll go cry now....

15 | Mintz08 says:

You shouldn't be able to do stuff like that with MSPaint! But he did! And he did really good too. Great job everybody.

16 | SEPH1085 says:


17 | RuntyLime says:


18 | bitch ass says:

i can draw better than that shit you fucking bitch.

19 | The Emperor Master says:

oh really? prove it.


20 | Sheikurl says:

nice pics, good work

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