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In CASE you didn't know... | mrsmiley { March 25, 2005 }

See? Even our news headers can be funny... sometimes. Anyways, I almost forgot to let people know that Joel "Gruntsbane" Casebeer's resume is now online. Many of the featured pics are from a 3-D animated film he and his class are working on (we will release it here when it is finished). For any game companies *cough*Bungie*cough* that are looking for a fine new artist to add to their team, give it a look! (I mean seriously, he already lives in Seattle!)

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1 | the chief says:

gr8 work! yay first post!

2 | Zareus says:

indeed great work :D

3 | Master-Arbiter says:

Good experience. Thumbs up to you.

4 | Falcon says:

Wow! Awesome 3D models, Gruntsbane! You must be very talented in computer models.

I'm considering a career in Computer Artworks 3D quite possibly after I finish high school and graduate from Junior and Senior Colleges. Maybe...

5 | l-lalo Live and Reloaded says:

Thats exacly what happens in the game! Nice, good artwork too.

6 | Falcon says:

lol, Newton Mcmute is awesome!

7 | Master Chef says:

Very cool! Gruntsbane rocks!!

8 | evilguineapig says:

nice....some mad skill there. yup.

9 | Jaxx says:

Very nice resume. Good luck to Joel. His work is excellent, I'm sure he'll do well.

10 | Burnt Retna says:

LOL "*caugh*bungie*caugh*" that was funny....If he get that job will he still be do Halobabies comics???

11 | VarmintSlayer says:

nice work

12 | bumm187 says:

?i...wwat we talkin about again

13 | Etoli says:

Great work, GB. I think you'll really go far with your talent. Keep on doing what you're doing, and you'll never have to work a day in your life. ;p

14 | Sheikurl says:

me no understand point, me brain hurting

15 | Asina says:

16 | Asina says:

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