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Pampers Purchases the Buttsock! | mrsmiley { April 01, 2005 }

About 2 months ago a marketing representative from Proctor & Gamble somehow stumbled upon our website, and was delighted by our second comic. After about a month and a half of business exchanges and licensing, we are proud to announce this site's first breakthrough into the retail market!

[click to enlarge]

That's right, Pampers has bought the rights to use our "Buttsock Marine" as the logo for their newest line of baby diapers! Why would a diaper company want a baby marine as their product logo? We asked the same question. Here's what Pampers marketing director, Yvonne Solbein, had to say:

"Over the last five years, male parenting has increased quite dramatically in Germany, and many other countries in Europe. We recognize that "cute and cuddly" may not always be the first thing on a father's mind as he walks the diaper isle. With a simple name like "Buttsock," and a soldier on the package, we believe this product will appeal to both sexes, and in turn create a bigger market for our products."

Joel and I decided not to argue, and anxiously jumped into the business process. Starting towards the end of this month, Pampers Buttsocks" will hit the market in Germany. If they go over well, they will start being released in other Europian countries, and eventually America! (At least that's what we've been told.)

Joel and I were hoping HaloBabies would catch on... but like this? Who would have guessed? So for those of you who live in Germany, check the diaper isle in a few weeks, and get yourself some Pampers Buttsocks"!

Joel and I are not allowed to reveal the financial benefits of this business action, so please do not ask.

UPDATE: I just wanted to give a special thanks to Menace for giving me the idea for this April Fools joke over a year ago!

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1 | REBELJON says:

lol thats some cool and wierd stuff!

2 | uberninja says:

Hahaahahaha. I remember this from last year. APRIL FOOLS!

Well, if it's not that would be cool.

3 | SF Legend says:

Very, very funny, well done.

4 | DWXXV says:

April fools

5 | A random mad halo fan says:

SHIT!sorry 'bout the second post.

6 | The Loot says:

Heh, indeed. And so it begins.

7 | Funkmaster Cecilius Da II says:

WTF? Is this true? Or are you just lying to us?

8 | open_sketchbook says:

April FOOLS! Or not. This almost sound real, though, it makes some sense.

9 | blaz says:

i dont think they're allowed to joke about... other companies... but... it does seem a little wierd

dont know what else to say =X

10 | demagogue says:

Oh, sure, they're allowed to joke about it. Looks like a clever Photoshop modification. Happy April Fools!

11 | Earthsiege says:

Lol, good ol April Fools... Almost believed it for a second until I remembered what today is.

12 | Immortal says:

This just degrades Halo, stuff like this makes me sick

13 | elmicker says:

*looks at bottom right of desktop*
hmm, april 1st... almost as good as last year's got beaten up by halo haters and is in hopital joke... almost but not quite.

14 | mplacki says:

Good one! I actually believed it until I remembered that today it April Fool's Day.

Still, if this ever does come true - I have a baby brother I would be glad to give these to. ;-)

15 | donut says:

lol, i did believe you and i probably still would if all those other guys haddent spoiled it... im too stupid to even remember that it was April Fools day today (even though i have been 'fooled' twice already today)

ok, next person to try and fool me... it isnt gonna work, ive learned my lesson.

im gonna shut up now.

16 | Skipper says:

Wow, you almost got me there until I checked the date. Good one smiley

17 | zwitterion117 says:

That's a good one. I think you should actually try to market that one.

18 | hunteroftheyear says:

whaha!i gotta agree with demagogue.
great photoshopping....i say....let's bring it to the people!
very funny ^-^

19 | hunteroftheyear says:

btw, immortall...don't take halo to serious man!

20 | Falcon says:

Wow! Those Buttsocks are now ON SALE!??? O_O!

In which stores can I purchase one?

21 | Scarlett says:

That had me going for a minute there...eventually I realized it was April 1st by moving my arrow over my calendar. Very funny xD Can't wait for next year.

22 | lysergic says:

lmao, good one smiley

23 | halofreak44 says:

I am so gullible, that i think this is real...i am after all 12...

24 | Blinker says:

so so funny but crazy

25 | Blinker says:

I want that

26 | Kaizer Bun says:

I'm going to trick you all with an April Fool's joke now...

April Fools!!!

27 | Poli says:

I just bought myself a one way ticket to Berlin... I need those diapers.

28 | KRACKA says:

Wow I should have known better. I almost believed it. Good one smiley.

29 | Yayap and Zuka says:

Ah yes, thy holy buttsock... How I worship thee...

30 | Link says:

i never thought this day would come!

31 | Batman says:

Well thats just great... my dad works for Procter and Gamble and now this... very funny :)

32 | mrsmiley says:

Hehe, my cousin is one of the lawyers for Proctor and Gamble... he gave us the hook up! ;)

33 | Takky says:

I actually believed it for a minute there!

It seemed so genuine... =o

34 | master_chiefette says:

haha Awesome burn, smiley-man. :3

35 | thearchlich says:

nearly had me there
April fools

36 | Ryley217 says:

LMFAO that is really funny and kinda twisted but funny!

37 | Lord_Halo99 says:

Damn u guys really had me there I HATE APRIL FOOLS

38 | Dirge says:

hahaha, I hate April Fools :3

39 | Shorty says:

its funny, i believed it until i saw the picture, I still thought it might be possible until they pointed out the marine on the box. Thats when i knew it must be an april fools joke. and thats my story, btw second post you ruined it for everybody else lol.

40 | Mendoza says:

OMG! I don't believe it!

41 | the chief says:

dats a good 1 (april fools)

42 | Machinedog says:

I was like...you gotta be kidding me...and then i noticed the date. Grahh! I gotta come up with one for next year...

43 | Grishnakh says:

The funny thing is, my Birthday is on April 1st. :P. So, When (if) these buttsocks ever come out for real, cudja send me some?

44 | Pious Flea says:

Good one. I was just about to start looking for an ordering link when I remembered what day it was.

45 | umm says:

kinda odd...but cool and funny

46 | Sparkie says:

>_>; Man you had me going so good there for like 2 days....

47 | mrsmile says:

lets play some tetris motherfucker

48 | Fast400 says:


49 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

okay guys, shut up with the april fools thing. i bet most of you thought it was true until you saw uberninja's post. i admit, i thought it was true till i saw the comments. then i felt like a complete retard. hilarious. cant wait for the next april fools... see what you freaks cook up next ;)

and STOP saying mother ******* or anything else obscene or vulgar. it just pisses me off

50 | gianni says:


51 | squattingb says:

Damnit lol I fell for it until I read the comments!! That's brilliant, well played, well played.

52 | Ruiner87 says:

No offense but...oh wait it's april fools day guess like I must look like a fool.

53 | A grunt whos name is undisclosed says:

Holy plasma grenade BATMAN!

54 | ayla says:

That is frickin HILARIOUS. Good job.

55 | Deathbringer5 says:

Good one mrsmiley! Hey, Mr. I hate poopie, you are on drugs or something like that right?

56 | El Kabong says:

Eibe 'Niqaree, you do realize that "pisses me off" is vulgar, don't you?

57 | Menace says:

Didn't i make something like that a while back using the same package.... I demand compensation! lol

58 | SinisterMonkey says:

How did you photoshop that? Or is it real?
w00t 64th post

59 | mrsmiley says:

With my 1337 5killz.

60 | Jake says:


61 | Hot n' Sexy Elite says:

Thats cool... why not use an elite, it would look funny.

62 | Gruntsbane says:

feck you all

63 | Sanjay Gupta says:

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64 | Sheikurl says:

nice one, u had me goin rite up until u sed the words 'APRIL FOOL'

65 | Goth Boy says:

dat wos kool,u no el kabong is rite

66 | zachary martin says:

we wish you a merry buttsock we wish you a merry buttsock we wish you a merry buttsock and a happy new pampers

67 | Untouchable says:

I like seeing things blowing things up on Xbox live, god sad let there be light and i say let there explocions and frag gurnades.

68 | The Great Wazoo says:

clever. very clever. you had me going there for a while. ha. buttsocks

69 | gagaw says:

that is so great. a buttsock is really a part of a gun.

70 | someone says:

does chief wear them/

71 | Elite_117 says:


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