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My Art Ate My Homework | mrsmiley { May 10, 2005 }

It has been almost exactly one month since the last art update here at Halo Babies. Why? Life. Many of you know that I have several jobs, my most time-consuming trade being video production. I dunno why, but April/May is always crazy in this area. Having finished up my main load of work, I returned to find the forum bursting at the seams with new art! Here for your enjoyment is over 30 new features!


Angel Elites, transforming Halo vehicles, Aliens, Samus... it's all here this week! Read on for tons of great gaming art!

Gallery Art

  • Etoli
    "What a Spartan!" { comment } A simply well drawn/colored pic of a spartan. Good touch with the ground.

  • KloHunt3r
    "For Metroid Fans" { comment } Wow. I thought this MSP pic was a CG render!

  • Jaxx
    "AvP My Way" { comment} Absolutely astounding alien vs. predator pic!
    "Uprising" { comment } Is a description really needed? It's Tina Leyk. It's amazing.

  • elryanman
    "Hoof to Toe" { comment } It's short. It's fast. It rocks!

  • Sparkies Boyfriend
    "Samus" { comment } Great pic of Samus from Metroid!
    "Halotron: Digital Hunter { comment } This just rocks. Never even imagined it looking this cool!

  • mtnspringwater
    "Jiralhanae { comment } As if Brute's weren't scary enough!
    "Unarmored Elite { comment Very cool "naked Elite" pic.

  • Sparkie
    "Modded Mouspad { comment } So clever, and so cute!

  • fairlyodd
    "Elite" { comment } Good job with pencils.

  • The Ancient
    "Angelic Elite" { comment } Absolutely fantastic winged elite. So detailed!

  • 2phast
    Halo Transformers: Ghost (comment) | Warthog (comment) These are so cool it makes me sick! ;)
    "The Few, the proud" { comment } Really good MSP of a marine.
  • Sketchbook Art

  • Dark_Dorment
    "AVP { comment } Another awesome AvP work!

  • mtnspringwater
    "Heritic Elite" { comment } Great concept of the heritic leader!
    "Brutey" { comment
    Hmm... I never thought of brutes being cute...

  • squeak117
    "General Grievous" { comment } Our very first featured Star Wars fan art! And really good, too!

  • Sparkie
    "Draconic Jackal WIP { comment } A good start to a very bird-like Jackal.

  • Gruntsbane
    "Newt and the Shroom" { comment } No, newt is not having his first trip! Another concept drawing from GB's collaborated CG movie coming out this summer!

  • nmac2005
    "Amnesty" { comment } Great artistic "space ballad" piece.

  • The Ancient
    "t3h oGRiFo" { comment } Oooo... cool pic. I hope this gets colored!

  • Etoli
    "Spartan" { comment } Very "sleek and smooth."

  • Mr. Elite
    Go here and (especially) here }for some awesome elite sketchwork!
  • Halo Fan Strips

  • Halo: COLOCS | The master chief has to move in with some Covies... hilarity ensues!

  • Chief and Covie: Episode 1 | The chief sure does like him some Skittles!

    recently updated forum series

  • MC & Cortana: Season 3 | Finally an update to this hilarious series! This comes in the forum of an unexpected guest strip. Check it out!
  • Covenant Child | 2phast, the creator of the most popular series on this forum, has posted an important announcement concerning the future of the strip. w00t!

  • Midnight Flare Chronicles | This strip is crazy! Check it!

    new forum series

  • MC_Elite brings us laughs in one of the first Splinter Cell comic series. Check out "True Teamwork here!

  • By far our biggest update yet. Hopefully the next ones will be smaller. I will try my best to keep up! (-_-) Keep on drawing!
    [Please send me an e-mail if you experience an error with this update.]

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1 | Mike says:

First Comment! Woot!!

2 | Machinedog says:

w00tage 2nd post. Man, that is a HUGE! Art update. Can't wait for GB's movie to come out. ^.^

3 | Warthog says:

3rd comment (i think) Woot
good pics


That art update was friggin huge! awsome pics,super awsome pics.

5 | The Ancient says:

Wowzerz!! I got in this art update! COOL!! w00t!!!

6 | Sparkie says:

YAY! Joshua is going to be happy that he made the update! Good work, Smiley-Man! Awesome job to the participants!

7 | The ONE says:

Dude This pic is frickin TIGHT!

keep them comin'!!!

8 | Zareus says:

Wow nice job every1 *drools*

9 | Loknar64 says:

Squeak117... I love your General Grievous. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT MOVIE! ^_^ Great jobs everyone else!

10 | Lord_Halo99 says:

w00t another Jaxx special delivery from art heaven.
DOUBLE w00t 10th post

11 | RedRaptor says:

'Bout time we get an update.
BTW, I noticed two things:
1. The Elite "Nekkid" pic has no direct link.
2. Crimson Fox didn't draw the Alien, IIRC; his sister (Jaxx) did it for him.

12 | Mr_Igloo says:

woohoo its awesome. num 12! think..

13 | mrsmiley says:

Thanks, raptor!

14 | Master Chef says:

awesome stuff there. Has anyone seen Mr. Elites sig? Hilarious!

15 | Mr. Elite says:

^^ Thankies! Ninja Wizards XD
Its about time you guys did an update -_-' Nice art newayz :D

16 | SuperDragonYoshi says:

AWSOME UPDATE!! The covenant drawings are great. Since I love Metroid, The Samus pictures are superb (I could hardly believe one of them was made ENTIRELY out of MSP) Special Thanks to those who submitted their work, can't wait until next week... YOSHI!

17 | mrsmiley says:

The moron has been banned, and all the relating posts deleted.

18 | evilguineapig says:


19 | mimic says:

i dont think a ultra would be caught with out a weapon...

20 | SilentKnight says:

Eeeeeeeeeeeew. Gross but sweet pic.

21 | Ruiner87 says:

Ohhh,that's gotta' fu**in' hurt!!

22 | Jaxx says:

You featured both AvP and Uprising? lol, I'm flattered. Thanks Smiley. :)

23 | Trinity says:

Wow, those pics are awsome. Great work everybody. (AvP all the way)

24 | Arbitress says:

i cant see half of them because my cousin is banned from the forum....i dont like that......

25 | hbomb69 says:

that is to cool

26 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

wouldnt that naked elite be seen as like... elite porno or something?

27 | ArbiterCreluv1 says:

THOSE were SOME AWESOME pictures! My Fav. was Uprising thats one of my favorite levwels! Plus I LOVE The Arbiter times infinit! Someth'n like that, even though I know that sounds SO cheezy.

28 | dzizzy42 says:

**** right that had to hurt

29 | blob says:

wish there is a pic of arbiter stabbing a flood

30 | dark hunter 91 says:

wow! those are real good.

31 | blurg says:

awsome art! some of the best i have seen. cant wait for the splinter cell comics to go under way

32 | IAN says:

I love Elites, but that picture is awesome

33 | red vrs blue junkiy says:

why so mean to the elites????? by the way awesome job!

34 | Empire_ian says:

26 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

wouldnt that naked elite be seen as like... elite porno or something?

I'd hit it

35 | linkteen says:

LOL! Elite porno?! That's anatomy (probably)! I like the pic. I don't quite know how I should describe it, but it's cool. XD

36 | bob says:

that pic sucks

37 | bob says:

that pic sucks

38 | austin says:

hey bob shut the fuck up these pics rock out loud

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