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Master Chief's E3 Adventure | mrsmiley { May 27, 2005 }

A while back I posted a story documenting a trip that Master Chief and I took to new New York City. We were blown away by how much people enjoyed this! Aside from receiving over 500 comments to this day, the story was featured on tons of sites, including Bungie.net and IGN.com. It was even mentioned in UK's Official Xbox Magazine! Not wanting to miss out on a good thing, the MC and I decided to document our trip to this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA. Be warned! This time it contains over 25 pictures!

NOTE: Image links open in a pop-up window, so they will not disrupt the story.

Road Trip!

It was a fine Tuesday morning when Chief and I set out for LA. The Chief was quite excited as this was his first E3 appearance! He also looked forward to hanging out in LA. I had been to LA quite a few times, but the Chief was only there briefly for some meeting relating to a movie deal. Go figure.

Since it was early, and I was tired from site work the night before, I decided to go ahead and let Master Chief drive a bit. The chief tends to drive too fast, so I told him to keep it at a safe speed. I have a feeling he was only going 80 when I was awake After about an hour nap, I heard the car door shut. Apparently we had parked at a rest area so the Master Chief could take care of business. This was totally cool, until we stopped again an hour later, and then once more after that! Chief took longer that time. He said he had a problem with the hand drier.

When we were about half way there, we took a quick stop for gas. Since there was a Carls Jr. in the area, we decided to stop and get something to eat. Of course, this meant the Chief taking yet another bathroom brake. What was he doing in there? I wondered this myself, so I snuck in and checked. I was shocked to find the tru7h! I know the Mark VI armor resembles a bra, but that was ridiculous. The chief was so embarrassed, that he ran and hid in the play area. I finally got him to come back down by promising I wouldnt show anyone the picture.


After a satisfying meal, we set off for the remainder of the drive to LA.

To our delight, when we arrived at our hotel in LA, it was nicer than we expected. After getting things unpacked in our room, we set back and enjoyed our fantastic view. After a few games of Halo, we both hit the hay. We had a busy day ahead of us at E3!

Into the Expo

The LA Convention Center was absolutely packed people when we arrived. Registration was a hassle, as Microsoft had apparently forgotten to add the Chiefs name to the invite list. Luckily someone at the booth recognized him, and we got in anyways. The Chiefs first steps on the classic red carpet of E3 were overwhelming. He just stood there in awe at everything that was going on. After a few minutes, however, he wasted no time in warming up to the locals. I had an especially hard time pulling him away from these ladies. Yowza. I had a hard time pulling myself away! ;)

We finally arrived at the Xbox360 booth. You cant see the Chief in that picture, because he was signing an autograph for Obi-Wan Kenobi, who stopped by the show after the premier of Star Wars Episode III. The Chief arrived at the Halo 2 map pack booth, where he signed autographs, and posed in front of the sign for fans. Because the MC was so popular, he had to be escorted out of the booth by security before he got stepped on.

The next day, we returned to E3 for another round of insanity. MC saw a break dancing competition going on in one booth, so he decided to join in. I swore he didnt do it to look up that booth babes skirt, but Im not to sure. To play it safe, I decided it was best we leave that side of the center. The Chief wanted to check out the Playstation section, so we headed over to the South Hall. Unbeknownst to us, the Chief was quite disliked over there. After a scary life threat from some assassins posing as booth babes, we ran out of the Sony area as fast as we could! The day was almost over over, so the Chief and I relaxed in some seats that quite resembled toilet bowls.

Plasma Fiesta 2005!

The following day really was the highlight of our trip. It was time for the second annual Plasma Fiesta (or D3 as we like to call it!). This is a fun community event where a bunch of the people in the Bungie community hang out, eat food, play Halo, and chat about things that cause women to grimace and run away. The Chief made sure to get in on the Halo action, and even posed for pictures
afterwards! Later on Sketchfactor brought out prizes for some competitive matches. MC mistook one of these prizes for the real thing, and got quite a fright! Hmmm, maybe he didnt want me sharing that with you either

The Mexican food at the party was great! We all ate our fill. The Chief had a slight mishap while searching for a Diet Dr. Pepper at the bottom of the bucket, but it was soon resolved
when I grabbed one for him. One of the highlights of the event last year was all the free ice cream. This year was no exception. Its too bad we couldnt take it all home with us, but Im sure Dean will find a nice charity to donate it to.

Later on, one of Master Chiefs biggest fans brought him his favorite dessert, key lime pie! Who knew? He was delighted, and was sure to thank Sparkie after getting her phone number.

As the night waned away, and people started winding down, The Chief sat down with HBO legend Louis Wu for some good converstion and a cold one. Unfortunately, one cold one lead to another, and resulted in the end of the party for Master Chief!

The Long Ride Home

The trip home wasnt all that exciting, so I will not bore you with it here. I basically consisted of the Chief sleeping of his hangover. However, the Chief did mention that he learned a valuable lesson while in LA.

Alcohol, salsa, and key lime pie dont mix.

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1 | Kino says:

w00t - even better than the first!

2 | Halokid23 says:

So funny....So very funny...

P.S. w00t second post!

3 | Kino says:

w00t - even better than the first!

4 | KayJay says:

That was real nice. Loved it. w00t. First comment ever.

5 | Mr. Elite says:

Sounded like fun! :D

6 | DougieMcDougDoug says:

not one of your comments so far hasn't had 'w00t' in it and how am i to rain or your parade
w00t great job guys twas thouroghly enjoyed

7 | Ripper 714 says:

Sparkie? I thought she liked YOU, Mr. Smiley.... ;)

I guess there weren't many strange looks since they were all nerds at E3.


8 | Preacher Pain says:

LMAO! that was funny. Yes i think it was better than the first to.

9 | PEACEMAKER says:

HA HA HA! I really liked the hot LADIES! How'd you get them to pose for you?! Man there hot!!!(Yee-haw, 9th!)

10 | PEACEMAKER says:

Why does everyone say"w00t"?! It's kinda' wierd. By the way, why'd you go into the stall with the cheif?!

11 | Bad Karma says:

HAHAHA!!! Wow... the Chief got wasted... Poor man. And the ice cream? He probably cant fit into his armor now... At least he got to see the booth babes... lucky dog! That was good... But the Chief needed to be white or blue... not icky orange... KIDDING!

12 | Lovable Werewolf says:

LMAO, looks like Chief had lots of fun XD

13 | SinisterMonkey says:

WOOT 13th post. 13 is my lucky number.
THAT WAS SOOO FUNNY. I can't believe you did half of that. (Did anyone ask what you were doing or if you were crazy?)

14 | SpecialNewb says:

I miss the New York Girl ;)

Still, the Chief sounds like he had a great time.

Party on Master Chief!

15 | Falcon says:


That was very funny!! How did you pose MC on the steering wheel?

16 | Kradshutzen says:

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! that was the best!!!!!

17 | master_chiefette says:

BAAAAAHAHA!! Smiley, me'n Sparkie have been waiting to see this. XD

18 | Spartan-287 says:

lol, that was great. i especially liked the drunken passed out MC pic

19 | gruntsbane says:

Nice write up. Those first booth babes were painful to look at :S

20 | Zareus says:

lmao great story

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HAHA Mr. Smiley your hilarious!
i wish i could go...you jerk. =)

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Ingenious. Be sure to take the Chief everywhere you go, he obviously loves travelling!

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Sweet story, should've seen the first.

Looks like it was fun:)

25 | Halolord says:

That was pretty cool. I wish I was there. Its kinda disgusting with the whole bra thing(shudders). I guess MasterChief has his days with his.................problem.

26 | A random mad halo fan says:

total ownage!
BTW,check www.abandonia.com 2 new games,they maybe look familiar.really!

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man, this is by far the best thing i have ever seen. (at least the best to talk about)very nice job

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Nice job man! Can't believe I missed the first!

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Great story!!! Man, I can't believe you got to meet Louis...I wish I was able to go to E3... D: (school, D'OH)

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Always two booth babes there are. No more, no less.

Did anyone else notice that?
Anyways nice story Smiley.

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Good job Smiley. You should make a scrapbook of Master Cheif's adventures. ;)

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Sony has committed an act of war! Or rather, they would have if they weren't already taking on Microsoft in the console conflict.
Funny story though, I agree, it was better than the original.

33 | deathmeat says:

OMFGRZ! You can see a glimpse of the new maps in the screenshot! OMG!

34 | Sparkie says:

Hehe i was there for those, w00t. and I'm the chief's best friend cuz i got him Teh P13! Where's the rest of th pics, smiley? I wanted to see that one of me on the couch that you said was cute...

and wheres the salsa ladle of doom pic?!

35 | Ionaki says:

...E3... it was just an hour away and what did I do that day? Just siting on my arse cramming for Chemistry... *sniff*

36 | Dean_Kreger says:

I love it! I just wish I coulda been there this year!

You shoulda snapped a photo of Chief with his hangover! lol

37 | blinxhunter says:

Hey I ate at a carls jr just like that a few days back when I myself was heading to LA.Lo stinkin L those are so freakin funny.

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this is great, but wut do people thnk of u when they see u in the bathroom taking pictures of a action figure holding a piece of tp?

39 | Chums says:

aw... Look at the little master chief running around doing cool stuff

40 | whencowzattack says:

"Later on Sketchfactor brought out prizes for some competitive matches. MC mistook one of these prices for the real thing, and got quite a fright!"

You spelled "prizes" wrong. ;)

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I dont get it, MC is supposed to be seven feet tall, and yet he barley looks an inch tall! J/K

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50th post!

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LMAO! The Chief got wasted... hehehehe... That last picture is hysterical.

53 | mrsmiley says:

Sorry Count Zero! I gave that pic to Frankie exclusively, as he was supposed to use it in a Weekly Update. If he doesn't do it in the next one, I'll add it in!

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Nice! MC seems like a charming fella, those booth babes probably wouldn't let him go ;). I liked that you mentioned Louis Wu, and the beer ofcorse...

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plz tell and email me at my screename and do u have an xbox live screename?

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that was so clever! i would never think to put and action figure in positions like that. sounds like a fun time.

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that was great, better than the first! hopefully you'll make a 3rd one.

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i liked the NYC adventure alot but this really whipped that trips ass! ^_______________^
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