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HBN Puts HBO in Diapers | mrsmiley { June 29, 2005 }

On Thursday night of last week, HBN Clan brought their A game against KPs HBO Spartans. We won all three of our matches after playing a long game of cat and mouse. Both teams didnt know what to expect of each other but when the moment was right, we struck. Read on for a re-cap of the night's games.

Match 1

Halobabies had the first pick of gametype for the evening and we selected multi-flag ctf on Containment. This game had one of the strangest starts to any clan match that Ive ever seen. Super Robot 7 and I were extremely nervous, SpraynPray was away eating pizza for the first 10 minutes and yours truly forgot to close the room. When everybody got back on the same page, we began to roll. Our clan learned real quickly to avoid KPs well-timed sniper shots and Retsamolahs ground game. We displayed true teamwork by attacking there base in groups of 3s or 4s while the rest played lock-down defense. Nrek and Super got the flag out of the base, Gruntsbane kept a cool composure in the tank while I ran into the trench with the flag screaming and yelling in excitement. Super Robot had 38 kills and Gruntsbane had 27 as Halobabies rolled 2-0 in game 1.

Game Stats HBO vs HBN / CTF Containment / Game 1

Match 2

This time it was Hbos turn to pick the gametype in which they carefully choose oddball on headlong. We had no prior experience of this gametype on headlong but we cleaned up quite nicely. The match started and both teams quickly met up on the turf below the I-beam. Hbo won that skirmish and took the ball back into the defense base. While their whole team went for the oddball, half of ours went for heavy weapons which was the main deciding factor of the game. They took the oddball into the back building near the airlift and then we attacked. We obtained the oddball and had rocket, sword and sniper coverage. SpraynPray and Nrek topped the games kill leaders and we won, 2 minutes to 50 seconds.

Game Stats
HBO vs HBN / Oddball Headlong / Game 2

Match 3

I handed the party leader over to KP, so that he could choose whatever final gametype he had in store. Also, Hbo was down a member so we gave them super robot out of courtesy. KP choose Team King on Lockout. We were joking around at the beginning saying that Super better do a lot of team killing which he didnt do. Gruntsbane and I had a strategy that proved to be the winning factor. If we had two people in the hill and the rest guarding, victory would be ours. Hbo huddled everybody together in the center where our frags took over. Hbn won big, 3 minutes to 1 minute and 17 seconds. Check out these stats though. Kills: Hbn 124 Hbo 69. Assists: Hbn 70 Hbo 32.Once again our excellent teamwork skills brought us to the promise land.

Game Stats
HBO vs HBN / Team King Lockout / Game 3

Write-Up by Dark Halo

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1 | Ne04 says:

lol Slaughtered
(first post yay)

2 | Dork Force One says:

HBO Got owned, my power was out so I chouldent be there :(.
(Woot second Post)

3 | TR kayo says:

good job guys
(third post)

4 | VampyricTurialim says:

Nice one guys. I had a power cut last night due to a huge storm, so its a shame I couldnt be online to watch.... or something...

5 | Misinformed grunt says:

i wish i was that good...*sniff*
(5th post)

6 | KayJay says:


Wewt! Nice job guys.

7 | that one guy says:

damn, you guys are good! i mean, (not to brag) but i'm pretty good myself, but you guys...DAMN!

8 | Suspicious Stranger says:

yea, you guys are really good, i bet you can beat anyone, even a level 37..... :)

9 | Crosso says:

Victory again and i'd say that must have been easier than taking on bungie.
and very well played stargaties indeed.

10 | Gruntsbane says:

Good write-up, I can't wait for the re-match if there ever is one.

11 | PlasmaFire says:

Heh...watching HBO members getting pwned to the floor is my kind of day--nevertheless, good job to both Halo Babies' and halo.bungie.org's players!

12 | Cheesemaster64 says:

ARG WHY DID I LEAVE TEH SPARTANS!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!*goes to a corner and cries*

13 | Hobo joe says:

Nice stratagy (sp?) in the last game there HBN, and in teamwork in the beginning two.

14 | Dark Halo says:

Yeah this was a great match. We work our butt off. We had another match tuesday night and that will be posted next weekend. Peace

15 | Loknar64 says:

Alright, so you guys have beaten HBO and Bungie. I wonder if there will be a comic of these games...

16 | Pixellated says:

Wow. Now bring it on against the better clan = HBO Helljumpers.

17 | Steve says:

maybe someday I can get my Xbox controllers back from dean so i can actually play. Sigh

18 | vader maker says:

KOO- peh Koo- peh *you dont know the powa of blue SIDE!!!

19 | vader maker says:

woot 18th

20 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

okay, people really have to stop going "woot! 253 post!". especially if they arent going to post anything AT ALL (woot, 20th post ;D )
anyway, go HBN! you show them! id join your clan, but i dont actually have an xbox... just play it at my friend's or cousin's house...

21 | Ripper 714 says:

Nice job HBN!

Hey VaderMaker, will you send me an e-mail at ?

22 | SovietSam says:

Great teamwork there! And a special gratz to Hbn, you 124 kills God you.

23 | Burnt Retna says:

OWNED. Great work HBN peoplezes

24 | the holy pie says:

wort wort wort wort wort.. the carrion crows shall feast tonight. hbn got the killing power, wich is the decider for me.
sorry babies, but thats the decider for me. KILLING POWER!

25 | ,.klkjblk says:


26 | The Guy says:

They didn't stand a chance

(26th post!)

27 | GamemasterD says:

27th post!!!yeah you guys did real good.they never stood a chance!btw if you're not a bad modder look 4 me on XBL.my gamertag is GamemasterD123

28 | Dante 003 says:

Good show! I'd love to play a game against a bunch of you guys if i ever get on live :-(

29 | deadfire says:

woot 29th post :)

30 | Striker321 says:

Mr. smiley can i please go backon... ill promise to not cause any troble and YOU said i can come back in a few months and now its been either a year or 2

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