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Halobabies Disbands the Marty Army | Gruntsbane { July 25, 2005 }

Last Saturday, after weeks of planning, The Marty Army and HBN squared off in a three game battle. We won all three of our games in dramatic fashion. This match goes to show you, when you play teamwork even through the worst lag you can become victorious. We sure proved it that night against Anelf and company. Read on for a re-cap of the night's games.

Match 1

The Marty Army had first pick of the evening. Anelf selected Single Flag CTF on Elongation. Nothing truly stands out about this game except the fact that HBN was on offense first and scored all three times for the victory. TMA had 17 more kills then us total but our well timed teamwork prevailed as HaloBabies took the first match 3-2.

Game Stats
HBN vs TMA / Single Flag CTF Elongation / Game 1

Match 2

HaloBabies had the second pick of the evening and selected Single Flag CTF on Terminal. This match came down to which team could control the heavy weapons and strike first. HaloBabies quickly got the flag out of the base on offense which gave the rest of our teammates a shot of getting to it faster. On defense, Gruntsbane grabbed the rockets and DarkHalo's tank skills proved valuable as HaloBabies rolled 3-1. Gruntsbane, Nrek, Preacher X Pain, and THaloMaster had 22 kills or over. The Final Kill total is HBN: 157 TMA: 99.

Game Stats
HBN vs TMA / Single Flag CTF Terminal / Game 2

Match 3

HaloBabies being up two games gave the final pick to TMA. They selected Single Flag CTF on Relic. HBN has a lot of experience with Relic but not a lot of luck as recent Team Preview games would show. Relic's flag setup is really complex to get to. I compare driving the warthog onto the enemy base while racing towards the flag to the Death Star trench run of Star Wars. Complete with obstacles and enemy fire, its really hard to get the flag off when the enemy is gathered around it. Once again, HBN obtained all the heavy weapons and worked fast on offense and defense as we rolled 3-1. Mad props to Toxic Spartan as she is the first HaloBabies female member to play in a major match. Congrats HBN!

Game Stats
HBN vs TMA / Single Flag CTF Relic / Game 3

Write-Up by Dark Halo

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1 | Balefire says:

Nice job beating the Marty Army!!!!!
Oh, wait, I'm in the Marty Army . . . D'oh! Oh well, Good job anyway, Halo Babies kicks butt!

2 | SovietSam says:

w-w-w-w-w-w-wipeout :D

3 | master_chiefette says:

Wow. Nice job guys. GJ, 067. :D

4 | master_chiefette says:

Wow, nice job guys. GJ, 067. :D

5 | Yeah says:

1st post

6 | yo momma says:

you guys seem to beat everybody that you play against.

7 | Krayt'heili says:

*We Are the Champions plays in the background* this should totally be your guys' theme song! you all rock XD

8 | Spartan 067 says:

Man, that was so much fun...we owned them so badly too. XD


9 | Spartan 257 says:

nice job guys!!!:)

10 | Dark Halo says:

I had a great time playing and making the writeup. Great Teamwork HBN! Good Times!

11 | spartan001 says:

good job guys and is it me or do you guys just annialate everyone you go against. hmmmmmm i wonder what would happen if you went up against the guys who made the game.....hmmmmmmm (good job)

12 | EvilEye says:

Ya... that was a good game... which reminds me... I still would like to require an apology from the party leader for accidentally booting me from the game >:( ... but I still had fun with you guys... (Even if it was just for 1 game and it was for warming up...)

13 | Crosso says:

thats three clans including bungie you whopped. good work. you really must be a challanging clan.

14 | Durandal says:

Good job, HBN clan. Sounds like you had a great time, and you've been doing really well lately. You'd better keep practicing, though, because THM is in a league of its own!

Note: Has the Bungie clan won a SINGLE humpday in the past two months?!?!

15 | Lord_Halo99 says:

Marty army today THE WORLD TOMORROW the HaloBabies clan will conquer

16 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

GO GO GO! You people should play CS, I mean, if you're going to own in Halo, I may as well own you at CS.

17 | Anelf3 says:

This was the first "official" clanmatch that we've done so we (well, I) wasn't quite sure what I was doing. I was also very rushed because I just got home like 30 minutes before, had no time to practice, and had to do a buncha other stuff before we played. I propose we have a rematch after we've had a few games under our belts.

18 | Kritz117 says:

First! Lolz!

19 | pressure says:

man. I wish I had halo 2. Stupid microsoft.

20 | THaloKill says:

I find that funny because a team was made durring their practice games and we beat DarkHalos team in the 2 games we were there. Imagine if we played.

21 | chunky monkey says:

Bow down to halobabies!!

22 | mrsmiley says:

You all make me so proud! :)

23 | SPARTAN2P1 says:

ditto. lol I feel special just to no u guys :)

24 | Java says:

GO TOXIC SPARTAN! Good job girl! Us gals are rooting for you! It's funny, my live tag is jivetoxicwaste, toxic seems to run for female tags don' it? xD

25 | TheHappyPants says:

You're just lucky the lag took me out of the game. Next time. ;)

26 | Demosthenes says:

whens the next freakin art update?!? >:(

27 | i_am_a_grunt says:

How do i join i have been asking everyone to let me join but that wont i am 18 team slayer and 15 double team

28 | WOW says:



29 | juggernaut says:

so how do i get to play aginst you guys all i need is one game and we can even play 3 on 4 Excalibur Crew will destroy u babys

30 | i want 2 fuck a girl says:

when r u going 2 make halo3??? come on plz telll me hey listen if there a any girl out there that wANT 2 GO OUT OR DO SOMETHING FUN talk 2 me

31 | i want 2 fuck a girl says:

when r they going 2 make halo3??

32 | Sparkie says:

Wow...I sure mised alot while I was gone. I was in Sacramanto twice; I should have dropped in on Smiley. XD

33 | loki la fifi says:

ade de flaga ade de flaga

34 | Asina says:

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