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HaloBabies Mob the Angry Peasants | Gruntsbane { August 04, 2005 }

Last Saturday, after a solid week of planning, HaloBabies and the Mob of Angry Peasants took center stage in a three game battle. After relentless practice, the Halobabies came out with a 2-0 victory. Our vigorous training proved to be the deciding factor as our well coordinated strikes and teamwork defeated Moap. Read on for a re-cap of the night's games.

Match 1

The Mob of Angry Peasants had the first selection of gametype and map for the evening. Chris547 selected Multi-Flag CTF Sanctuary. HaloBabies used excellent communication to locate the enemy sniper, sword, and flag defenders. Using that good communication, we were able to move the flag swiftly towards the center of the map into scoring position. Halobabies were hungry for that first win as this game only lasted for 6 minutes and 23 seconds. Thalomaster of HBN was the MVP of this game as he scored the flag all three times. DownfieldGrim later commented on this game saying, "We got kinda confused in the beginning with all the tactics and strategies you guy's had...because we don't have any at all". Halobabies took the first game, 3-0.

Game Stats
HBN vs MOAP / Multi-Flag CTF Sancutary / Game 1

Match 2
HaloBabies had the second pick of the evening and selected Single Flag CTF on Terminal. Once again, HaloBabies is all about teamwork. Do we have the rockets? Is the Wraith in or possession or destroyed? Is the enemy sniper down? Thats just a few of many questions we asked each other while the AngryPeasants regrouped on offense and defense. Im going to throw a few stats out here to show how well we did in this match. Thalomaster had 47 kills while DarkHalo5714 had 29. Bumski died the least (8 times) while every member of MOAP died over 22 times. DarkHalo5714, Preacher X Pain and Thalomaster all scored once. Our coordination was unstoppable as HaloBabies rolled 3-1.

Game Stats
HBN vs MOAP / Single Flag CTF Terminal / Game 2

Match 3

HaloBabies being up two games gave the final pick to MOAP. They selected a 6 round limit, Assault on Relic. This Assault on Relic is easily in the top 5 hardest games to score in. Neither team planted the bomb so it ended in a 0-0 tie. Thalomaster had 32 kills and Gruntsbane tied Chris547 with 20 kills a piece. Halobabies ended up with a total of 297 kills in three matches. Great work everybody as HaloBabies beat Mob of Angry Peasants two matches to nothing. Congrats HBN!

Game Stats
HBN vs MOAP / Assault on Relic / Game 3

Write-UP by Dark Halo

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1 | Dark Halo says:

I really enjoyed this match. Theres going to be a twist for the next writeup. So stay tunned for that. Peace

2 | Yeahbaby says:

1st post

3 | Rebby says:

Halo Babies win all the time. With a name like Halo Babies, how could you not?

4 | Preacher Pain says:

Sweet win guys!

By the way YeahBaby nobody cares what number post you are.

5 | This Dude says:

WOW 1 word and 1 word only...owned.

6 | This Dude says:

yea stop doing that 1st post crap its really stupid >_>

7 | SPARTAN2P1 says:

well im newer but you've beaten Bungie, Marty Army and, MOAP, maybe even more (i was gone 2 weeks)And I have 2 say that HBN has the best all around teamwork then any other group On XBL!! Long Live Halo Babies!!!!!!

8 | uh hi iguess?!? YO says:


9 | BU77 1TCH says:

i like ponies, can i have a toilet? no really, can I?????

10 | dudE says:

A word from your Therapist. O-W-N-E-D

11 | ICEWaGoN117 says:

you owned them. pwned,F'd in the A, booty raped, slapped blind, kicked their behind. P.S. I challange team halo babies to play OWNAGEx100 signed ICEWaGoN117

12 | donut says:

how do you guys do it? unbelieverableable !!... and without my help!

13 | SovietSam says:

You're too good for this. I'm guessing a certain soul being sold to the devil is involved?

14 | griff says:

good job guys yet another win for halo babies good job now what i want to see is you go against the level 50 players i hear theres only two who made it, a kid and his little brother

15 | griff says:

and i still say i want you guys to go against the guys who made the game that would be a good match or at least take on OXM (official xbox magazine)i hear mcaffreys good witha sword

16 | Tazmaniandude says:

Ouch! They were some nice games though, guys. I really enjoyed it even though we got stomped. It was some good competition. :)

17 | DownfieldGrim says:

Yes we did get owned...and I dont see the part where you were about to score on terminal,had it in your base and I killed your whole team? :)

18 | the hunter of the year says:

gratz hbn ^^!

19 | startron says:

Good job Halo Babbies.

20 | Preacher Pain says:

DownfeildGrim that was totally kick ass! I watched the timer slowly tick down to 0.

21 | misinformed grunt says:

Congratulations Halo Babies, you've won the triple crown!!!

22 | bag of sprinklers says:

22nd post

23 | Green Falcon says:

Alright, HBN! Show those guys who's boss!

24 | Rebal771 says:

So how about instead of just beating everyone that challenges you guys...you go pro?

Try some skill against those who might just show you guys what some halo is about.

Team 3D? Str8 Rippin? PMS? iGameSpot?

Maybe those guys were pros...but they weren't the top ones.

Just a challenge. And at least winning at that level will get you some money...

25 | Bendogg says:

Hey so i hear u guys are pretty good, but if u want a very tough challege i encourage you to email me and get something going....if not i guess you should quit while ur ahead

26 | Bendogg says:

Yeah, no email? i knew you were scared...

27 | an old lady says:

Well, that sucks

28 | an old lady says:

No, YOU suck

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