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Link Update | mrsmiley { August 13, 2005 }

I have just added 7 new links to our affiliates page. None of the 7 are actual affiliates, but are definitly sites you should check out! Read on for a list and short description of each.

Halo Strips

Land of Bob
This is a hilarious gaming comic strip! Not every strip is Halo-related, but many our. A very unique sense of humor, and an all around great strip. Give it a look.

Halo Machinima

FS Vids
A great Halo machinima site, with several different series to choose from. My favorite vid on the site, was the pilot episode of the now discontinued series. It had a great 1st episode, and it's a shame it didn't go further! It can be found here.

Praetoria Guard
A very unique machinima series. Each episode is bascially a bunch of sketches, and some are hilarious! The Cartel sketch at the beginning of episode 2 had me rolling! Definitly check these guys out!

Other Halo Sites

Halo 2 Cheaters
An active site that lists people who cheat in Halo 2 online. Report hackers here!

A very active Halo 2/Xbox/Xbox 360 resource site. Check it!

Plixel Designs
A brand new graphic design website, made from a couple members of this very site! They have been busy making sigs/avatars for members here, and our working on graphic tutorials and galleries for their site. Keep an eye on this one.

There you have it, if you have a cool Halo-related site, and would like to see it on our links page, e-mail me.

Update: I was just informed that several older links on our affiliates page no longer work. They have been removed. Thanks, Mike!

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1 | SinisterMonkey says:

WOOT 1st post (for the first time)

2 | icewagon3000 says:

W00T! 2nd post

3 | Hydra(Founder of Plixel Designs) says:

YAY! Plixel Designs! Thanks for adding it even though its not a halo site!

4 | Dork Force One says:

Sweet, we got Plixel on there. Must have been Milk.

5 | mrsmiley says:

naw, it was me! =)

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