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HaloBabies.net PSP Version 1.0! | mrsmiley { August 25, 2005 }

The Sony PSP is one of the hottest selling tech-gadgets on the market today. On the 23rd, the 2.0 update was released for the PSP, that features a full web browser. This means that a lot of people will now be browsing the internet on their PSP. Here at HBN, we are all about keeping up with technology...

So I decided to build a version of HaloBabies.net specificly to be displayed on your PSP when you browse! BAM! HBabies.net version 1.0 is born! Hence the new 'psp' button that has been added to our menu.

Now you can check for updates, view new strips, and even post on the forum, all while on the go from your PSP! Because HBabies.net was designed to fit your PSP's screen, you don't have to hastle with scrolling around a huge webpage to get where you want to go!

Version 1.0 currently features:

- Main news page
- Comics page (clicking on 'new comment' from your PSP will take you to the unformatted comic page)
- Comic Archive
- Forum (link takes you to the original unformatted forum)
- 'Contact' and 'About' sections

Stay tuned for new versions of Hbabies.net as I provide you with new features and content. All Halo Babies, and all for your PSP!


- Some larger comics do not load, due to a "not enough memory" error.
- There are some CSS display issues.
- Currently, when you click to continue a news story, it opens in the orignal format.

NOTE: This site is still in its early phase. Send any bugs you encounter to mrsmiley(at)halobabies.net with a detailed description of the problem.

18 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | speashal ed says:

Great job guys, will test this out soon, hope it works good!

2 | gruntsbane says:

I finally have work on a game console! But seriously, nice work man.

3 | ash says:

hope it works guys , keep it up

4 | DancesWithSoda says:

Holy crap, guys! Nice work! And to think I didn't get a PSP... :p. Congrats!

5 | Lovable Werewolf says:

I know what I'm getting for Christmas, lol

6 | says:

You guys planning on making PSP wallpapers, too?

7 | EvilEye says:

Great!! I can now check updates and new comics here on my psp while someone else is on the comp. =) Thanks halo babies!

8 | pvt tucker says:

im making this post from my psp

9 | Mintz says:

Posted from PSP:
Looking good! Keep up the great work! ;)

10 | mrsmiley says:

Thanks for the comments, all! For your info, we definitly plan on a bunch of PSP versions of our current wallpapers, plus some exclusive ones! =)

11 | EvilEye says:

Sweet!! When can we expect them? (posting from PSP)

12 | mrsmiley says:

haha i love everyone posting from their PSP! i can't wait for the keyboard to be released for it. i will hopefully have a section made by 2.0, but no promises. it's quite a bit of work getting a whole new site up and running!

13 | EvilEye says:

I want the keybored for it now! Making posts with the PSP takes so freaken long >.<
One of the only problems I have is typing and I cant post on Bungie.net

14 | pvt tucker says:

Yeah, typing on the PSP is like text messaging on your phone without T9Word. PLEASE SONY, BRING US THE KEYBOARD/PAD THING!

15 | Steve says:

Bleh, PSP sux: but so does every handheld in my opinion so I'm not trying to single it out. It's cool you did that. But you know it's just cuz you have one ;), otherwise you'd be like Screw it! Now you have to start making a right size browser for every palm OS! (or the owners of such devices could just except that its NOT GOING TO LOOK AS GOOD ON YOUR FRUITY LITTLE HAND HELD!). :)

16 | TagalongFriend says:

way to go Smiley! Hbabies rocks, good look'n out.(posting from PSP)

17 | haloisgayasfuck says:

halo sucks

18 | Luke says:

well then u suk (psp)

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