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Art is Back: Part 1 | mrsmiley { October 25, 2005 }

After about 5 months of consistant art submissions in our forum's Gallery, I figured it was about time to get my act together and restart up our weekly art updates! To keep things simple, I will be splitting the Gallery and Sketchbook updates apart from the Fan Strip updates. In other words, every week there will be an update soley commitment to the many amazing comic strip series' that we have right here in our community! Artists spend quite some time on these, and they deserve their own recognition. So, if you are a comic author, be assured that your comic will get front page mentions as long as you keep things updated! =)

So this is Update number one of two. This update spans the time period between July 1st and August 31st. I apologize if I missed anyone's submissions, but Joel and I had to sift through SO MUCH art! It blows me away how active some of you people are! But that is a good thing, trust me! ;) It should also be noted, that due to the massive ammount of good artwork, we had to be quite picky with these 2-month updates. Sorry, it just had to be done. So on with it!


nmac2005 has always been one of those artists that doesn't submit anything for a long time, but when he does, it's always totally awesome! This picture, along with another pic of an elite were submitted sooooo long ago. But he definitly deserves the top spot of the #1 update! Thanks for your awesome art, and thanks for your patience!

Gallery Art

  • zero
    "Josuke-V2" { comment } A very cool manga character concept!

  • Spartan_112
    There is too many great pics to post them all here, just be sure to check out the compilation thread. Great chibi style!

  • gerbil in a coke can
    "Medium Carrier" and Heavy Cruiser" { comment } Some sweet side-view pics of human battleships.

  • junolover
    "CJ attacks Half-Jaw" { comment } So precious!
    "Half-Jaw" { comment } Very cool headshot (as in portrait) of the Elite from Halo 2.

  • odstchee
    "UNSC Rei" { comment } A very nice Oni-like female marine.
    "Left Behind" { comment } Nicely styled piece of completed pencil work.

  • Sparkie
    "Chibi Hog" { comment } This is my fav pic in this submission, but there are plenty more!

  • methados
    "Zealot Killing a Grunt" { comment } A damn good Starcraft crossover pic! Too bad it's not bigger, but definitly worth a look!

  • Sparkies Boyfriend
    "Steam Mecha" { comment } Totally cool mech based off the movie Steamboy.

  • spiderfreak
    Spiderman and Venom... this guy has a knack for super heros! Great cell shading!

  • Sketchbook Art

  • Vendau
    "Mark VI Wookiee" { comment } A wookiee in Spartan armor. Need I say more?

  • ShadowElite951
    "RAWR!" { comment } He eats children.

  • Nrek
    "Arbiter" (from Grunt Rebellion fanfic) { comment } Wow, can't wait to see the whole pic!

  • Sparkie
    A whole thread full of Sparkie goodness... and a Lion King reference OMGWTFBBQROFLCOPTERZ!!!!

  • The Ancient
    "Heretic Grunt" { comment } Holy shat. That is one scary grunt! O_o

  • Etoli
    "Old Rivalry" { comment } Awwwwwe... ;)

  • Halo
    "Chibi Chief" { comment } A definite surprise to me... I am diggin' the style!

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Me Spartan" { comment } How did this get overlooked? Totally cute spartan chick pic!

  • Enma Damatee
    "Female Spartan 102" { comment } Woah, like a cross between Halo and Joanna Dark!

  • L33t-Elf
    "Sonic and Knuckles" { comment } Wow a really cool Sonic pic. Brings back memories...

    For all you fan strip creators out there, I want to inform you that I will be starting a new weekly feature, that will follow all the strips that have updated that week. It will also cover new strips, and even individual strips that are submitted during that week. For those of you that are the creator of a comic series of some sort, I need your help! I need you to create a banner for your comic that can be posted next to your update as a link to your strip. This will attract more attention to your work, and will make the comic updates look nice! =) Here are the details...

    - demensions: 198x48 (without a black border) or 200x50 (with a 1 px black border)
    - filetype: gifs are preferred, but you can use a jpg if you are using MSP to make your banner. (MSP sucks at making gifs!)
    - filesize: shouldn't be a problem since it will be small
    - it should be similar to the thumbnails we use for our strips

    Please send your images to me via a PM, or by e-mail. Thanks! I will be posting the comic update as soon as I receive a decent ammount of images. Not submitting an image does not mean your comic won't be featured, it just means it won't stand out as much. ;)

    Thanks for reading! Update part 2 is coming soon!

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1 | nmac2005 says:

Awwww..Thanks Smiley! :)

2 | The Ancient says:

A n00bs way of gratitude to you:
"0MGZ TH4NKS FOR T3H F4V3 4ND T3H AR7 UP|)4T3! j00 R0XX0RZ!!!"
...ahem, yes, Thanks.

3 | Donut says:

I like how MC now has a pumpkin for a head :) You forgot to give the forum banner a pumpkin for a head though.

Good to see the return of the art updates!

4 | Preacher Pain says:

This has been a long time coming. Excelllent update.

5 | mrsmiley says:

putting the chief-o-lantern in the forum would require twice as much work. work = bad. =P

6 | K0mm@nd3rGr33 says:

That little dragon Chief was pretty awesome. :)

7 | SpiderFreak says:

Whoa, some really nice art in this update (and no, I'm not saying that 'cause I'm in it). It was worth the wait! KUTGW everyone!


8 | Etoli says:

Wow, it's definitely been a while! So...much...art...people have been very busy.

9 | a random mad halo fan says:

Wee! Totalic pwnage!

10 | halo fanatic says:

freakin sweet. luv the art work. just so yall know "half-jaw" isnt really called hafl jaw hes called commander

11 | spartan001 says:

awesome job man i love these pics!

12 | Slimby says:

Sparky, I love that angel ODST. I wonder how much money we would get if we sold all the original bits of art?


13 | Creativename says:

awesome ! i love these pictures

14 | grunt biter says:

I like the arbiter pic.

15 | SparkIE says:

IE Dangit!! Not Y, but IE! :) Sparkie! Or Sprakie, if I'm having a bad day at the keyboard.

16 | orna_fulsamee says:

wow these pictures are great! nice work

17 | Sheikurl says:

OMFG, dat was brillia- kool. it wernt as gd as id hopd for. but stil, its kind o gd.

now, im new, dus kritz only critisize comic strips or everythin?

18 | herv says:

I love these pictures!I love these pictures!I love these pictures!

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