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Happy B-Day Rafael! | mrsmiley { November 05, 2005 }

A couple weeks ago, Bungie's #1 fan, Miguel, sent Gruntsbane and I an e-mail concerning his son's 10th birthday. Mig wanted to use Halo Babies as a theme for the cake/party, so of course we obliged! =)

The original idea was to use the design we gave Miguel as one of the those Baskin Robbins image cakes. Apparently the person who helped them at BR was less than able to do what they wanted. So... they ended up with this:

Hey, it still looks pretty cool! FYI: That image is a proto-type shirt design! ;) Here are some mor pics from the party!

Build your own Plasma Pistol!

Hmmm that gun looks familiar...

Happy Birthday Rafael! If anyone else wants to use that Baby Chief image for their own birthday needs, it can be downloaded here.

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1 | ecko87 says:

Happy B-Day, rnt u a little young to play Halo?

Oh Well.

SWEET first post!

2 | ODST chief says:

happy b-day Rafel!

3 | HaloGod says:

happy b-day!

4 | blinxhunter says:

nice,well happy birthday dude

5 | Loknar64 says:

I wish I had cool birthday parties. Wonder if the kids are any good at halo. Happy B-day!

6 | THEWaGoN117 says:

Man i wish i had that childhood =(

7 | Does GAP stand for Gay and proud? says:

omg that is sick man! i wish my cakes were like that all i evergot was happy bday or maybe thomas the tank engine! lucky kids nowadays!

8 | DHalo says:

I SOOOO wanna know how to make a Plasma Pistol. Also, anyone know how to make a BR like that?

9 | PlasmaFire says:

Hehe...PPs for everyone! And that battle rifle absolutely PWNS. Happy B-Day to his son... :D

10 | otakuguy says:

Happy B-day and I thought my Star Wars party was fun when i was his age : )

11 | poster says:

That kid was playing with the giant Duke controller. Hardcore.

12 | Mhaddy says:

Happy birthday man!

13 | spartan001 says:


14 | lord of the doubt says:

I so need to know how to make one of them candy plasma pistols. Mabye take a step further and make a whole candy armoury.

15 | Andrew says:

That's awesome.

16 | K0mm@nd3rGr33 says:

Happy B-day, big guy.

That MC armor is pretty cool.

17 | SinisterMonkey says:

Awesome, wish my bday ws that cool. Too bad none of m amigos like Halo. Love the PPs and BR. Love the MC suit too.
P.S. someone said the PP was candy, it looked like cardboard to me. Was it candy?

18 | blackbox says:

i think its that floam stuff.... its like beady jelly stuff made for kids to design and make things kinda like playdo but fancier

19 | Sheikurl says:

happy b-day! those plasma pistols wer kool. i soooo wana no how to mak dem.

note to ecko87, im 2 yung 2 play halo im only 13 but i stil hav it.

20 | Grunty_Thirst says:

Happy Bithday! I wish i had that cake...

21 | Spartan-055 Pete says:

Happy b-day!
Very Nice Plamsma Pistols and Spartan Armor.
Man, that cake looked Sweet!

22 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

I'm likin' that Battle Rifle! :D

23 | Lord_Halo99 says:

Happy 10th Miguel


24 | Squelched grunt says:

Dam thats a good rifle, anyway happy b-day

25 | the farting fag says:

happy b-day nice gun

26 | a random mad halo fan says:

Happy birthday Miguel!

27 | a random mad halo fan says:

Erm i mena Rafael!
Happy birthday RAfael!!!1

28 | ed908 says:

Happy b-day!
What do you mean too young to play halo? No such thing. There's a seven year old...yea, forgot his name, who's one of the best in the nation. If you think about it, kids have more time to play and practice halo than adults do.

Not to say you don't find the occasional bratty little demo-stand kid...stupid mistakes of gentics.

29 | DancesWithSoda says:

That is so kick-ass! Man, I'd love to have a Halo themed party.

Happy B-Day, Rafael ;)

30 | Morpheus says:

I've never had a good b-day party except for my 11th and 13th. My 11th, we went to Jillian's and spent my college fund(AND I KNEW THEN, TOO!!) and my 13th was in the middle of a 5 day weekend. Sweet. BUT NOT AS SWEET AS THIS!!! u coulda invited me.......

31 | Mendoza says:

31st post! And I like how they used Halo in a 10 year-old's b-day party. I wonder if he can take one one of you guys.

32 | Turialim says:

Happy Birthday

33 | fableking0092 says:


34 | Warhead (FIN) says:

I couldn't eat that cake...

Maybe if I would carve out the picture and put it somewhere safe.

35 | yay! says:

haha! happy b-day ^^
(that battle rifle looks sweet! :D)

36 | MaXiMuS says:

happy b-day

if i new those theme party's would be so cowl i would asked my parents for one (not that im sicy to go ask my parents or somthing)

37 | GooFBalL says:

makes me miss my b-day *sniff*

anyway, awesome cake and happy b-day little buddy!

38 | MaDsNiPz says:

Happy B-Day dude.
(that cake is pretty cool)

39 | Hunter Parasite says:

The Plasma Pistol and the Battle rifle are awsome! Happy BD!

40 | Krayt'heili says:

OMFG thats awesome!!! I wish I got a bday party like that!!! And that kids armor and BR is frippin sweet!!

41 | SPARTAN-117 Master Chief says:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY aw man i want a birthday party like that

42 | unggoy SEAN says:

do you think you teach me how to make a plasma pistol? I want to know because they were so dang awesome!

43 | Miguel says:

I'll write something up on BS, promise

44 | TheDarkLord says:


45 | A kid named Ricky says:

Build your own Plasma Pistol that's good. Happy Birthday

46 | Sebas says:

OMFG!! that is AWESOME!! I think i should do sumthing like that 4 me 13th B-day... I like pie...
11-9-04, the greatest day in human history!
I made a lego pelly!

47 | Bnty says:

You're only to young to play Halo if you aren't mature enough to handle it. Same thing with R movies...kind of.

48 | deadfire says:

ummm...... i don't think r rated movies are like halo:~)

49 | Halo freak says:

cool bday and the costume with the battle rifle was cool

50 | mrsmiley says:

good lord! mig have you showed rafi this yet? he has 50 comments so far! =D

51 | Salmon says:

Man, I wish i had that birthday... hey is that foam edible? lol mmm cake.

52 | Miguel says:

Well I was about to, until I saw that stupid comment right above this one. Nice going, jackass.

53 | ImperialJock says:

Jeese nice of you too screw everything up by saying a comment like that you retard.

P.S. That was a sweet party you had lil dude!!!

54 | Spartan10 says:

Happy b-day little dude, you can challenge me anytime at Halo2, but youll know whos gonna when.
(i might go easy, it is ur b-day!)

55 | bebop117(my gamertag) says:

I`m 12 and I not only have Halo2 I also have X-Box live. I just mute rude people though...IT'S FUN!!! Expecially when they get mad and the other people on your team have to tell you what he is saying.

56 | noob says:

damn...wen i was ten, i had a cake wid nothing on it and there wasnt an xbox...there was n64

57 | mrsmiley says:

dang it sorry mig, i deleted that post and banned appropriately!

58 | {G}King_Pin says:

HAPPY B-Day!!!!!!!!

59 | Spyder says:

Man! Tell me where you can get that battle rifle!

60 | halo,s biges fan says:

I am evry were bah hahahahaha

61 | turok says:

Hey, i play Halo with that kind of controller.
I'm also 12. but i don't have xbox live. (i'm still really good, though.)
Airsoft Battle rifles do exists. i've seen one. also there are airsoft SMGs, too.
He shouldn't sit that close to the t.v. he could burn his eyes out. (it's true!)

62 | turok says:

did you really make a lego pelly, Sebas?
awsome. =)

63 | rietman says:


64 | halodewd says:

dude that cake is awesome and i love the helmet, but i know a place where you can make detailed guns,

its called pepakura veiwer 3 (download it)

website: www.halocostuming .wikia.com

have fun!

65 | BagGlyday says:

My name is Jessika!

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