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Buttsock shirt is here! | mrsmiley { December 10, 2005 }

This week I added a bunch of new stuff to the official Halo Babies Store! A bunch of new shirts, and new bumper stickers are included. Read on for more info, and a discount code!

The Buttsock shirt is here! Grunstbane and I decided to leave it how it is. I have been testing this design by wearing the shirt around a lot. I love the reactions you get from people. Every time someone asks me, "What the heck is a buttsock!?", I tell them to go to HaloBabies.net and find out for themselves. =) You should do the same! Here's a list of all the new products that were just added!

Another shirt that will leave people goin... "HUH!?" For those that don't know, a "doink" is when we lock a crappy topic in our forum. =)

An absolute classic. Not much to say other than this shirt really stands out. So far, the feedback I have received has all been good! A great to spread the word about HBN!

I redesigned the marines hoodie! The baby marines are now on the back, and UNSC marines is on the front. Pretty sweet if you ask me!

Member-Made Merch

For all those ladies that love their nerds! Features artwork by Turialim on the back!

Where this if ur a guy, and would like to make yourself even nerdier than you are!

Yet another shirt that will draw looks. Artwork done by 2phast. You have to check the back of the shirt out, it explains EVERYTHING. ;P

Aside from those shirts, I have updated the store with 2 new bumper stickers! Check it all out!

DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE 5$ (on a purchase of $35 or more): SRV06 (expires 12/16/05)

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1 | viper88 says:

wow... If I wore a shirt at my school that said 'get doinked', people would think it means something TOTALLY different. Hehehe...

Nice shirts!


2 | ash says:

sweet 2nd post

3 | Turialim says:

Cool T-shirts, especially the one with the gamer on it. The person who drew that is an amazing artist...


4 | Blinxhunter says:

Dude I have to get one of these ^_^

5 | mrsmiley says:

it is. glad you guys like these! =)

6 | spartan001 says:

wow part of my christmas shopping is done i eswpecailly liked the penguin shirt its funny lol

7 | Lord_Halo99 says:

NICE!!! I got to get me one of those.

8 | Uberninja says:

Why are the new shirts so expensive?

9 | mrsmiley says:

we are only making about $3-$4 per shirt. Cafepress makes high-quality merchandise, and that is simply the price it needs to be at for us to make any money at all! (that, and the black shirts cost quite a bit more than white shirts to make for some reason)

10 | sparkie says:



11 | Blarganthian 2.0 says:

Blarg Blarg Blarg Honk!

12 | a super-short grunt says:


13 | lil' baby cortana... says:

thats nice..........

i think.... ^_^
actualy, i think u need more girls shirts _
but they r nice!!! *_*

14 | YODA says:


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