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Merry Christmas from the Babies! | mrsmiley { December 25, 2005 }

The lovely Etoli has created a magnificant Halo Babies Christmas scene for us all to enjoy. Check it out by clicking the banner at the top of the main page. On behalf of the whole team here at HBN, I hope all your holidays are splendid! =)

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1 | Turialim says:

Very awsome,
This is now my laptops background!

2 | Elite Tucker says:

Very very very awesome!

This is now mah computers background!

So much awesomeness!

3 | Evil Force says:

So terrible cute!!!<3
love it.........

4 | Pred1ator says:

sooo cute.......wow eww i dont useually say cute...............

5 | johnnyrico says:

great, damn funny.
Do I see a grunt wearing a diaper?
and 2 elites holding the chief to present him a nowball to the face(with who knows a plasma nade in it?)
and a snowman that looks like a flood form?

not to mention that I finally see a jackal with a cute look on his face :)

6 | Gruntishness says:

I LUV IT!!!!!
Etoli has managed to draw an actually cute jackal... AMAZING
Grunts 4 life!!!

7 | Sheikurl says:


8 | viper88 says:

That is amazing. You're the best, Etoli!


9 | tEa maN says:


10 | a random mad halo fan says:

Two words. Spiffyest splendidness. And Pineapples.
You are my good sir/ma'am one gifted with the gift of extraordinary excellent drawings.

11 | blinxhunter says:

That is so awesome!^_^ I showed my family and they think it's awesome too.Merry X-mas everyone!

12 | Serenity says:

That is adorable! Huggle-fying! :D

13 | SinisterMonkey says:

That's about it. Great job as always.

14 | milkncereal says:

that looks wonderful!


15 | milkncereal says:

that looks wonderful!


16 | linkteen says:

It looks terrificly cute, especially the Jackal! XD (The Jackal might hit the sleeping Brute! XD)

17 | YODA says:

THATS cool

18 | Hunter Parasite says:

I like the Elites holding chief down, and I like the grunt making the snow angel

19 | Evan says:

A cute Jackal! Inconcivable

20 | turok says:

People are so good at drawing these days... I WISH I could draw like that. That would be so awsome. I tried to draw a Hunter once but failed. But I did draw Halo CE chief recently. That turned out O.K. Oh yeah, by the way, 20th post!!!!!!!!! :)

21 | th grunt so cute that you wanna squish him says:

thats so awsome and cute it is now mh back round.

grunt:cute whith the diaper and all that
elites:funny how there holding the chief down to deliver a snow ball to his face and say,merry christmaas!!
marines:why wont they yhelp tyhe chief out man
Jackal:finnaly a cute jackel that i dont want to kioll and make me feel peaceful^_^
Merry chritmas
a la fin to tyhe max!-krinkles
love the grunts and protect them man
dont hit woman!

22 | turok`s twin says:

He could have done a better job on the Hunter... But anyway, greAt job!!!!!! (Yes I am turok`s twin.)o_O ^^.

23 | anonymous says:

A cute Jackal!? Way 2 go, Etoli!

24 | Shawn Kisel says:

dude this is the sickest thing i have ever seen in halo.i love halo. its my life! My gamertag is LUCKotheIRISH11...so send me a friend request !

25 | Panzerfaust says:

man id love to see this but i cant figure out how to open the dang window :\ ive tried clickong on the picture the banner friggin everything and it wont open

26 | Bob Boil says:

I like cheese and i can not lie

27 | halofromhell says:

Bob Boil that is way off topic anyway I loved this pic everything was so cute!

28 | gold elete says:

dam that was cool

29 | gold elite says:

that wuz the best thing ever!

30 | jomom says:

got any cheats

31 | VakamaFan says:


32 | kai says:

halo iz bad

33 | levi fisher says:

well you said that you needed a movie well i can make one but i am not a verry good arctise so i as wondering if i could cody your careators on to flash it probly wont be for a while though but once i make it is there any way i can reach you? also i am 12 years old so if you said no im ok with that. ok thats it

34 | levi fisher says:

oh yeah and i though it was good

35 | turok says:

kinda gives me warm fuzzies, this picture. =)(so terribly cute grunts)

36 | VakamaFan says:

Halo isn't bad.

37 | arbiter 117 says:

I so love it!!!For some reason I can't get it on my computer.Put it back on if someonetook it off.

38 | Xentrion says:

Look at those spammers up there. It's a nobrainer why the website is sagging.

39 | Macho says:

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40 | dragonslayer says:

bad ass drawings. cool stuff here keep it up people

41 | Lohovoi says:

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42 | Lohovoi says:

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43 | bellboy08 says:

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44 | the charles says:

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45 | the charles says:

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47 | THE CHARLES 2 says:

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