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New Years Sale! | mrsmiley { December 31, 2005 }

For the next week or so, I have dropped the prices on all the Halo Babies wearables in our store! Aside from that, I have added 2 new shirt designs, and a bunch of new buttons (by popular demand)! Read on for more info, and a sweet discount code!

I thought I would start off the New Years holiday right, by making all of the products in our store a bit more affordable for those "money deprived" people like myself! Everything has been significantly reduced, and all the products, save for the UNSC sweatshirt, are under $21!

And speaking of the UNSC Marines Sweatshirt... from now until January 9th, if you purchase this product, and put in the code "BIG5", you'll get $5 off! (ON TOP of the reduced price!) This will cover your shipping, and most of the tax if the sweatshirt is your only item. SWEET!

This week, I finally added a collection of 5 different wearable buttons, using designs from our shirts, and a new "B4NT" design. Each design comes in a large and small size, and are $1.75 and $0.99 respectively. These are a cool way to rep HBN without having to spend a bunch of money on a shirt!

Here are the 2 new shirts that have been added this week:

The pixelated baby chief t! Yes... the image you see on this shirt is in fact the favicon that you can currently see next to halobabies url in your browser! It will look awesome... when someone is standing 100 feet away! Haha

The first comment shirt! Couldn't resist. This is probably one of the nerdiest shirts we sell!

Be sure to check out the rest of the store, and enjoy the reduced princes while they last!

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1 | Turialim says:

I'ma gonna getta mea onea ofa thosea!

2 | Spartan-055 Pete says:

I'll take a First comment shirt.

3 | halcyon says:

got the unsc shirt for x-mas

4 | Sparkie says:

So...who models the shirts? :D

5 | Yayap n' Zuka says:

First comment rushing is like a hb tradition... I've never made it. But at least now I can pretend I did. XP

6 | Steven Cole says:

Your site is very useful.

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