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Art is Back: Part 2 | mrsmiley { February 21, 2006 }

Now I know you're probably thinking, "Wait a minute, I don't remember part 1!" Well, that's probably because it happened more than a few months ago. After a brief break, I think I'm ready to get things running again here at HBN! Enjoy over 40 featured art pieces from September through December of 2005! (More recent update coming soon!)


Etoli never ceases to amaze us with her top-notch artwork, in many different styles! I smell an artist feature coming... ;) If it seems like a left some works out, or if some of you think you should have been featured... sorry. There was so much art to sift through, I'm sure some things got left out! Big thanks to admins Polarbear and Skipper for the help!


  • The Ancient
    "Ninja" { comment }
    Splinter Cell-inspired ninja drawing.

  • Raptor 27
    "Raptor 27" { comment }
    Humorous spartan self portrait.

  • Sparkie
    "Bradley Golem" { comment }
    Sweet female metal warrior.

  • Compassghost
    "Kelly" { comment }
    Contemplative pic of the famous female Spartan.

  • Enma Damatee
    "Female Spartan 102" { comment }
    Stunning pic of a lovely but deadly Spartan!

  • Etoli
    "Lil Elite Girl" { comment }
    Elites were never this cute!


  • LegendaryThunder
    "The BR Man" { comment }
    A neat, rather abstract, pic of the Chief.

  • lord of the doubt
    "Enormous Battle: Clones vs. Covies" { comment }
    A Halo/Star Wars crossover battle pic. Cartoony, and a lot of fun!

  • Puma 'Raviolee
    "Chief" { comment }
    A pic of the Chief. Nicely done.

  • Enma Damatee
    "Elite" { comment }
    Very well done front shot of an Elite.

  • Compassghost
    "Chief Rocks!" { comment }
    Cool pic of the Chief... with rocks!

  • gerbil in a coke can
    "ODST" { comment }
    A nice colored-pencil pic, drawn during math class!

  • ShadowElite951
    "Elite Doodle" { https://halobabies.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10349 }
    Nice Elite pic.


  • Gruntsbane
    "Cortana *WARNING: Mature Content*" { comment }
    It's Gruntsbane. It's Cortana. It's "mature." Need I say more?

  • 2phast
    "The Sapper" { comment }
    Awesome MSP work inspired by CoD!

  • KloHunt3r
    "Strongbad Sarge" { comment }
    Probably the coolest thing ever!

  • DemonSpawn77
    "War in the Shadows" { comment }
    Fantastic MSP pic of a very possible game scene!

  • Enma Damatee
    "Elite Head" { comment }
    Elite bust profile. Very nicely done.

  • Drizzit
    "Couple of boys, one with hair" { comment }
    We don't get many pics with Brutes. This is well done!

  • Sparkie
    "Bring It On" { comment }
    A rockin tribal drawing of a Hunter. Would make a great tatoo!


  • Enma Damatee
    "CIS BattleDroid" { comment }
    Stunningly realistic drawing of a Star Wars battle droid!

  • Spartan_112
    Two great elite pics! One cute, one scary!

  • Dragoon
    "Game Over" { comment }
    Woah, that Elite is toast!

  • KloHunt3r
    "Spaceesqu Ninjaesqu" { comment }
    Cool robo-space-ninja thingy.

  • Invisty
    "The Arbiter" { comment }
    Absolutely oozing with coolness. Awesome style!

  • Enma Damatee
    "Maiden Guard" { comment }
    Very nice femail Elite guard concept.

  • The_Noik
    "Grunt with gun problem" { comment }
    The gun may have a problem, but this pic sure doesn't!

  • Etoli
    "Siblings" { comment }
    Probably one of the coolest Elite submissions I gave ever seen here at HBN. Words cannot describe...

  • junolover
    "Mewtwo" { comment }
    A very slick pic of Mewtwo from Pokemon.

  • Rogue Elite
    "Sora Salute" { comment }
    I'm not really sure what this is... but it's swell!

  • Enma Damatee
    "Carbine Elite" { comment }
    Now THAT's one badass Elite!

  • 2phast
    "Bruke" { comment }
    2phast has finally found Photoshop.

  • Halo
    "Shadow" { comment }
    Real nice pic of Shadow the Hedghog.
  • NAME
    "Anika" { comment }
    Fictional female Halo character based on the Arbiter.

    And that's all till the next update, folks!

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1 | icewagon3000 says:

Hey a new update.
(1st post w00t!)

2 | Sephiroth134007 says:

Nice pics
(2nd post)

3 | Bravo3 says:

Great update. Nice job all the artists featured!


4 | PlasmaFire says:

w00t. Finally...it's here. Keep it up, everyone--that's what makes HBN one of the best art/fan sites around!

5 | kitsune says:

love the elite siblings, the clothes just look so...civilian-ish and the facial expressions are great, i agree that this is the best elite themed picture around
it just has some sort of...story to it

6 | Blinxhunter says:

Sweet stuff ^_^ keep it coming.

7 | lord of the doubt says:

Wow, my first art feature. And I got early in the comments. I really didn't figure it would be that one though, it was, a lot of sprite based MSP fun. The scarab was hell though, I had to resize it completely at one point, and then depixelate it. Well, once again, congrats to the highlights of 4 months in the Art section.

8 | Se7en One says:

The Elite siblings pictures just....im lost for words!

9 | GORON PWN JOO!(red snow) says:

Good to see something new happen on the front page for once

nice art

10 | Running Grunt says:

Awesome pics!

11 | Crimm says:

Hey, is Bruke by 2phast a protoss from Starcraft? Wheeeeeee...

12 | Cleo dog says:

Well done, all. Etoli, as always, much respect and appreciation for your well-done and introspective artwork!

13 | FoxIno says:

Wow those are some nice pics.

14 | Lord_Halo99 says:

Holy -blam! that stuff is hot!!

15 | seajackals says:

our new hero?

16 | Bato'Gilamee says:

Okay Etoli, you so freaking rock!

17 | yay says:

i wish i could draw like that ='(

18 | Daandegekste says:

These drawings have inspired me to just make maybe one of my coolest drawings yet. It's not Halo-related. Just inspired. Too bad I dont have a scanner:(

19 | Donut says:

I was gonna ask when the next art update was gonna be. You must have read my mind.

Awesome work guys and gals, Some of these pics are absolutely excellent.

20 | Madsnipz says:

YEAH 20th post...o nice drawings

21 | |_337 |\/|@573|2 says:

man...........good drawin seriously but um kinda looks like a pokemon althought if it was a pokemon it will be the strongest of them all

22 | The_Eliminator says:

I can't believe how many amazing artists we have here on HBN, great job everyone.

23 | Lord Quagga says:

OMFG 2millionthzillionnth post, arn't you jelous?

24 | Lord Quagga says:

oh spam....uh forgot to finish my thoughts, Great artwork, I like that siblings one, Etoli deserves the artist thing

25 | slhomer says:

yay hbn is back! now where are those comics you owe us?

26 | dude says:

Halo drawings not bad

27 | deadfire says:

love the art... keep it up

28 | Tornado_Kid says:

Hell Yeah! This is excellant!
Great games deserve great fanart!

29 | Sparkie says:

GAH CORTANA BOOBIES!! *gouges out eyeballs* ~_^

30 | Wind-Mane says:

i wonder if he will update to this month too..

31 | MC Artman says:

Woah... Etoli MUST be happy!

32 | jack the jackal says:

the clones would kill the covenant

33 | Kool-K says:

I think the clones vs. covies is the best. Nice job!!!

34 | SketchFactor says:

Nice picture of the Aliens and Masterchiefs. BRaVOo clones vs. covies....

35 | Killa1 says:

cool clones vs covies!

36 | masterdude14235 says:

It IS freakin' sweet! When are you going to put in new comics?

37 | arbyter says:

hey you should do an update every month

38 | perplex says:

i can draw pretty good, i'll send one when i have the time, but until then, keep up the good work guys

39 | Firehawk12 says:

Once upon a time i could draw like that, my age is catching up with me

40 | HollowBastion440 says:

Nice pics but I can do better than most of these that you put up here! You should try to get some better pictures.

41 | firehawk12 says:

niiiiiiiicccceee!!! Bravo

42 | Zyrra Da Phirra La Mera says:



43 | dan says:

there all great and i love theelite girl baby its sooo cute

44 | Zyrra Da Phirra La Mera says:


45 | arbyter says:

in the next update can we have a good picture of a grunt?

46 | Zyrra Da Phirra La Mera says:

Has anyone ever heard the word "fuck?" Its so cunfosing! And the b worf? My Monmy says noy to say thar word.

47 | Halo Master says:

hey ppl i like your site and i love your picture

48 | Cali teh Arbitress says:


49 | gruntsaresocute101 says:

my sister wants to look like cortana...

50 | Plasma_101 says:

Holy crap Etoli you freakin'rock!

51 | Plasma_101 says:

Holy crap Etoli you freakin' rock!

52 | aimbot says:

52 POST!!!

nice pics

53 | turok says:

Eh!?! (grunt w/ gun problem) Tee Hee

54 | Plasma_101 says:

Gah!Sorry for the double post...

55 | arbyter says:

wtf!? its almost 2 months later, why havent you done ANYTHING else!? this website was really good, but now its just dead until you can be bothered to actually do something else.

56 | arbyter says:

wtf!? its almost 2 months later, why havent you done ANYTHING else!? this website was really good, but now its just dead until you can be bothered to actually do something else.

57 | arbyter says:

has this website just died? nothing has happened, its completely empty.

58 | samier says:

all the pictr's were asome good job to the people who dro them

59 | samier says:

all the pictr's were asome good job to the people who dro them

60 | Jayk_Carson says:

WOOT 60th POST!!!!

Haven't been here in a while... anyways, That picture of the two elite's called "Siblings" by etoli is freaking tight.

Some artwork I've seen here is dissappointing. There are 100X better pictures posted everyday and some of them I did not see.

Some pictures I saw were not even worth mentioning. Is halobabies running out of good artists?

Gruntsbanes pic of cortana is awesome. The "Coming out of the shadows" look it awesome and the gentle soft texture makes it 10 times better. She does look sort of chubby though.

61 | corpralperez says:

next time do the covies v.s marines v.s therebels

62 | corpralperez says:

make halo1 and 2 marines and make more grunts

63 | corpralperez says:

make halo1 and 2 marines and make more grunts

64 | Elite of Destiny says:

Nice artwork, Please draw more.

65 | paul says:

that is an awsome drawing.

66 | Arbiter 5000 says:

It won't work. >:(

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