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Goodbye One One Se7en... *sniff* | mrsmiley { March 06, 2008 }

Stuntmutt made a very emotional (at least to me) announcement with strip #777 a couple days ago. If you haven't already seen it (I know this is a tad late!), go check it out. Halo Babies has always been a friend of Stuntmutt and One One Se7en. I'm really gonna miss the classic weekly Halo entertainment in the form of cheesy puns and copy+paste brilliance... but after all these years I really do think deserves a nice long retirement!

(read on for more sentimental gibberish, and a look back at his Halo Babies guest strips!)

One One Se7en started in April, 2003, and immediately became a hit with it's off-the-wall simple humor and MSPaint-style artwork. It inspired many other Halo comics, and continues to do so to this day! Stuntmutt set the standard in releasing weekly comics that were consistently funny and timely. It goes to prove that there is practically a limitless amount of fun to be had with Halo, Bungie, the community, etc. Stuntmutt's strips covered a huge range of topics and ideas from these themes and beyond.

Halo Babies was released a few months after One One Se7en, and being among the first halo-based strips out there, I always felt a sort of kinship with the series. For those that don't know, Stuntmutt stepped in a few times during a time when Grunstbane was gone to fill in a few Halo Babies strips! Although at the moment our Halo Babies strip archive is down, you can get to those two strips directly here and here.

He is truly one of the most well-known names in the Halo community, and I can't imagine the hours of work, and the strain on his fingers from constant ctrl+c and ctrl+v use. Our deepest thanks and prayers go to you and your new family member, Stuntmutt! If you're ever in California, look me up and I'll buy you a pint. :D

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